Trade Deadline Options: Buyers or Sellers?

With a little over a month to the trade deadline I thought it would be a good idea to look at some options for the Mets whether it be as buyers or sellers.


Seth Smith LF Padres:

With the two wild cards most teams are able to feign contention enough to not be sellers but the Padres don't appear to be one of those teams. Their most interesting player for the Mets is left fielder Seth Smith. The 31 year old left fielder so far this year has been a force offensively hitting .288/.398/.522 (161 wRC+) with a 14.3% BB rate and a 16.3% K rate. Defensively he's below average but is good enough to stick in left field. The other problem with Smith is his R/L splits are huge although this year he's still hitting for a 105 wRC+ against LHP. In terms of what it would take for Smith I think Wilmer Flores plus a lesser pitching prospect like a Luis Cessa would make a lot of sense. Chase Headley will be a free agent after the season making third base a hole for them and Flores who's blocked at third base by the Mets could move to his natural position. Smith also is a free agent after this season and if the Mets trade for him they could then sign him without having to give up a draft pick like they would for another player.

Josh Willingham LF Twins:

Willingham like Smith is an all bat LF, unlike Smith though he doesn't have any major splits. The 35 year old left fielder has only played 31 games so far this year but has put up a .260/.406/.490 (153 wRC+) with a 17.2% BB rate and a 25% K rate. Like Smith, Willingham is also a free agent after the season. The Twins are probably looking for pitching and it may take someone like Gabriel Ynoa plus a lesser prospect to acquire him.

Didi Gregorius SS Diamondbacks:

Gregorius isn't your typical buyers type move but considering the Mets need for a shortstop would make a lot of sense and it would also even make sense if the Mets decide to be sellers. The 24 year old shortstop has hit .310/.389/.447 (123 wRC+) in AAA so far and has hit .250/.328/.369 (91 wRC+) in 115 games in the majors between the last two seasons. Gregorius projects to be a very good defensive SS with the possibility to also be solid with the bat. Most likely it would take someone like Rafael Montero or possibly Steven Matz to acquire Gregorius considering the Diamondbacks pitching this year has been dreadful.


Jon Niese LHP:

Niese so far this year is having an excellent season with a 2.67 ERA. The 27 year old lefty has a lot of things going for him in terms of trades. He is young, on a very team friendly contract and has put up solid numbers throughout his career. Actually surprising me his numbers compare to a pitcher who was able to get a very good haul in James Shields. Niese's career numbers: 3.84 ERA, 3.72 FIP, 3.69 xFIP. Shields's career numbers: 3.79 ERA, 3.80 FIP, 3.61 xFIP. Now Shields has also proved to be able to eat a lot of innings which is something that Niese has yet to prove but Niese should still be able to get a very good return in terms of prospects. Two teams that I think would make the most sense are the Pirates and the Rangers. The Pirates have a glut of Outfield prospects in the majors and the minors and someone like Josh Bell or Austin Meadows would be very good targets. The Rangers are desperate for pitching and have a very intriguing prospect in Joey Gallo who's power would be a very welcome sight on the Mets roster.

Daniel Murphy 2B:

Murphy is having a great year and has become a very valuable piece either for the Mets or in a trade as a middle infielder who can hit. Murphy is still only 29 years old and provides above average offense, good base running and solid defense at a premium position in second base which makes him a valuable asset to a team. The problem though with trading Murphy is there aren't many teams in need of a second baseman and the ones that are lack the position prospects that would entice the Mets to trade him. But looking at some teams the Orioles, Blue Jays and Dodgers could all be options for Murphy. The Orioles have Dylan Bundy a major league ready pitching prospect coming off Tommy John Surgery who just last year was considered the top pitching prospect in baseball. Blue Jays have two big time pitching prospects in Aaron Sanchez and Marcus Stroman and a deal centered around one of them could be interesting. Lastly, The Dodgers have an outfield prospect in Joc Pederson who's become very popular here on this site. The problem though with the Dodgers is if they trade for Murphy they'd be trading for him as a third baseman which would decrease his value and makes me wonder if they would be willing to give up someone like Pederson for him.

Bartolo Colon RHP:

Colon has been very good lately after having a bit of a slow start but considering the Mets pitching depth is someone who will definitely be shopped around. Colon this year has a respectable 3.88 ERA in 92 innings pitched and could be an option for a team desperate for pitching. The biggest problem though with Colon is his age which is definitely a concern for anyone trading for him. Considering he didn't draw a lot of interest this offseason it is unlikely that the Mets will get even a decent haul but if the Mets can shed his salary and get even an interesting A ball player in return it could be worthwhile for them considering their pitching depth. Some teams that could be options are the Rangers and Blue Jays who could use an upgrade in starting pitching. I'm not even going to guess a return for Colon because I think the salary relief we'd get is the main reason to trade him and anything we get is just extra.

Alright, so let me hear your thoughts on what you guys think the Mets should do come the trade deadline and any additional players you'd be interested in.

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