K-Plaw's now in a Hittin' Paradise

Coolio ft. L.V - Gangsta's Paradise

As your walk through the 51 clubhouse catching your breath
Thermo says it’s 100 degrees with no humidity left
‘Cause TdA’s been hacking and whacking so long
That somehow Adam Rubin thinks his bat is gone
But Ollie Perez always crossed up backstops, absurd him
Pitching like he was drunk, did Schneider deserve him?
You better watch out K-Plaw, how many batter’s Noah’s walkin
Or you’ll be two more prospects that result in scoffin’
Please take of your hip, DL’s no place to go
As you move, I don’t see a Sasser-like choke
Be the C the little Molinas wanna be like,
On your knees in the ninth, preventing all them PB’s, right?

You’ve been spendin’ most your life hittin’ in a pitchers paradise
Play games at Grayson at night, homers you will surely sacrifice
St. Lucie’s another place where the goddamned ball won’t take flight.
Have fun at Cashman, hittin’ in the PCL sure feels right.

The catchin’ situation is quite disgracin’
I can’t have a normal hit tool, want it to be elite
But you gotta be down with the OBP
To much Daily News readin will make walks seem obsolete
I’m an educated fan with too much goddamn time
Got my subscription with a gleam in my eye
I’m wishin’ the offense looked like Harvey’s Wallbangers
The AA homies will frown is your job’s in danger, fool
Catching depth ain’t nothing but a stint away
I like Recker’s big ass backstopping, what can I say?
You’re 23 now, will you be MLB ready at 24?
The way things are going please be so.

Tell me why are we so blind to see, that bad framing hurts all of the P’s?

You’ve been spendin’ most your life hittin’ in a pitcher’s paradise
Please feast on 4A pitching, that really would quite nice
If you’re startin’ one-five at Citi, Sandy’s eyes you did entice
Thank God you’re not a Super Two, and still come at a team-friendly price

Proud bonus money, contact and the power,

Tell Noah to spin it, hour after hour

Everybody's runnin', but half go down lookin'

What's going on the basepaths, POP times not glitchin

They say you're like John Stearns, but ain't no Terry Leach, G

Understand 80s Mets futility is how I will reach thee

I won't recant even if your leg's broke

That's just how I know my Met fanhood's outta luck, fool.

Been spending half my life getting StubHub seats at half price

Who know the Chris Woodward days were actually quite nice?

The catching offense lately's almost as bad as head lice

Being an avid Mets fan is probably my biggest vice.

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