The Gary, Keith, & Ron (and Kev and Bobby O) drinking game

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The SNY crew of Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez, and Ron Darling ("GKR") along with sideline reporter Kevin Burkhardt, and pre and postgame analyst Bobby Ojeda can certainly liven up the Mets broadcast. As a "tribute" to the group I have put together a GKR (and K & B) "drinking game." (James K. previously created a 2009 version of the game that can be found here).

Feel free to add your own items to the list.

DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any alcohol poisoning or related maladies that may result from partaking this drinking game

One Sip

  • Bobby O calls runs "points"
  • Keith says "fundies"
  • Kevin says "back to you, Gare"
  • Gare advertises that "Oh Yeah" show…being sure to say "Oh Yeah" in the most obnoxious way possible
  • Someone complains about the infield shift after a ball gets through the infield
  • Keith mentions the Mets aren’t "guarding the lines"
  • Keith says "all you kids out there" and follows with some type of baseball lesson
  • Keith brags about his playing days
  • Ronnie makes fun of his playing days
  • Gare misjudges a fly ball
  • Keith sighs, grunts, says "mmmm", or makes some other sound effect
  • Keith bemoans a hitter has an "uppercut swing"
  • Keith commends a hitter for his "level swing"
  • Kevin does some play-by-play in the middle of one of his sideline segments
  • Ojeda yells that hitters need to "swing the bats"
  • Gare mentions a hitting streak even if it’s only a few games
  • Gare mentions Murph’s hit total
  • Ron praises a player's toughness by saying he "could have played in any era"
  • Gare makes an unfunny joke
  • Someone mocks sabermetrics
  • Keith or Ron get on the umpire (take an extra sip if Keith says the ump has "rabbit ears")
  • Kevin is wearing a snazzy sweater
  • Gare sounds disgusted with the Mets
  • The crew discusses the new collision rule and Gare makes sure to add that the Mets runner still could have run the catcher over because he was blocking the plate.
  • Ron refers to someone as "one of the good guys/class acts in the game"
  • Ron says "Wow!"
  • Ron says "right?" after he makes a statement
  • Anyone mentions the Mets are "a different team with Eric Young Jr. in the lineup"
  • Gary refers to Jordan Walden’s illegal delivery
  • Keith complains pitchers don't pitch inside enough
  • Gary complains when a hitter who was bunting for a hit is awarded a sacrifice by the official scorer
  • Ron refers to first/second/third "basemens"
  • The crew complains about how long the replay review is taking
  • Gary/Keith wonder if the hitter will have the "green light" to swing 3-0
  • Gary questions Mets’ baserunning or Keith says "a manager can put up a stop sign!"
  • Someone mentions a bench player was hot in AAA, but hasn't played and has cooled off
  • Keith mentions Archie Bell and the Drells when a pitcher gets nervous.
  • Keith praises a player by exclaiming, "he's a hustler!"
  • Keith says "Tie base!" or "Tie goes to the runner" after a close play at a base.

Two Sips

  • Somebody (usually Keith) says something funny/inappropriate and it is followed by several seconds of dead air
  • Keith talks about whether a batter should or should not be a "#3 hitter"
  • Someone references that Ron is colorblind
  • GKR and Kev fawn over Yadier Molina or Brandon Phillips
  • Gare expresses his disgust with BJ Upton
  • A guest stops by and Ron is forced to move to the back of the booth
  • Keith expresses his love for the "bird on the bat" Cardinal unis
  • Someone other than Keith says "all you kids out there"
  • Keith erroneously states that Eric Young Jr has always hit much better left handed than right handed
  • The crew directly rips on Ryan Braun and/or goes for the more subtle attack by mentioning Matt Kemp should have won the 2011 MVP award
  • Keith talks with food in his mouth
  • Keith talks about his ride to/from Sag Harbor
  • Gare or Ron reference how LaTroy Hawkins taught a Mets reliever the "quick pitch"
  • Gare mentions he lurks on twitter
  • Keith isn't paying attention and brings up the same point Gary or Ron mentioned about 30 seconds earlier.
  • Keith uses the phrase "out of Dodge"
  • Keith expresses his dislike for cotton candy
  • Keith describes a player's body (go ahead and take an extra sip if he says the player is a "specimen")
  • Keith says "knee high to a grasshopper" after the ump calls a low pitch a strike

Finish your drink

  • Someone hits a HR off the Wise sign and Gare says it was "off the snacks"
  • Keith calls someone a "rockhead"
  • Screaming Ojeda immediately follows one of his "Mets hitters walk too much" rants with a segment about how the Mets pitcher was undone by falling behind in the count/walking too many batters.
  • Gare misidentifies the animal/person in the #SNYFanPhoto (like the "dog" below)Bnija3scaaafa82_medium
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