2nd Half - Carnac the Magnificent Contest!

Magnificent is a title earned - not self bestowed. In this case - I am opening up the opportunity to earn this title to the AA community through a 15 question quiz... the ultimate test of greatness.

This is something I did for the Superbowl a few years ago - and it worked fantastically. The game is played by assigning confidence points (1-15) to 15 different questions about the remainder of the 2014 season. Each question is worth 1 point and your confidence level is a multiplier (so if I answered 1 question correctly and gave it 14 confidence points - I earn 14 points). You can only assign each confidence point once - so 15 is used for the answer which you think you have the best chance of being correct; 1 is used for the question that you have no clue how to answer.

Here is a link to the document:

In order for the form to work - you'll have to save it as an excel... here is how:

When you open up the link you will see something like this:


only... your browser is probably updated. You can look over the form and see if this is something you would be interested in doing. The questions are on the "submission form" tab, however - the question bucket drop downs won't work until you download the excel. Here is a screenshot of the submission tab:


Next step will be to down load the form. You'd select "File" in the top left corner, "download as", and then save or open as an excel file.


Once you are done - save the file to your desktop or wherever you like and then e-mail it to me... 3 simple steps!

Email to:

I will only do this if we get 15+ players. So please express interest by shooting me an e-mail. We can use the comment section to troubleshoot or answer questions. I will also update the body of this fanpost with a player roster.

Not only will you win bragging rights - but a prize to be named later will be awarded to the champion!

(Note: this is not an SBNation or AmazinAvenue sanctioned event)

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