The "Struggles" of Noah Syndergaard.

As most people who haven't been living on Mars with their fingers in their ears now know, Noah Syndergaard, has a 5.70 ERA in AAA Las Vegas.

As most people who's name isn't Terry Collins knows, ERA mean almost nothing in todays world. Now i've been a fan of Terry Collins' for a while now and i can honestly tell you that this comment made me want him fired. NOT because he was bashing his own players, or anything like that, but because it shows me how (for want of a better word) "old" he is.

The same must be said for others as well. For example: This guy!. And all those who have been complaining about his "Bad starts".

Now that that's said, i'll explain why.

Firstly although his ERA is 5.70, his FIP is only 4.18. Not much better? OK let's look at how he got that 4.18 FIP.

1) He has a 9.17 K/9 rate. How good is that? Well it's .01 better than Matt Harvey had in AAA.

2) He has a 2.85 BB/9 rate. How good is that? well let's put it this way... Tom Seaver's career BB/9 rate was 2.62! I will also mention that Syndergaards BB/9 rate dropped over his more recent starts and that this is his worst BB/9 rate since 2011 when he pitched for the Blue Jays in (R) level.

3) He's had a HR/9 rate of... 1.11, and a BABIP of .380!

Now let's see if we can figure out why.

Apparently the Mets want him to work on his fastball command. If this is true than no wonder he's getting hit hard. Anybody in pro- baseball can hit a fastball, even at 100 MPH. So when he throws more breaking pitches in the MLB, not only should his BABIP and HR/9 rate go doen, but his K/9 rate should go up!!! If it does than it looks like we've got a Stephen Strasburg on our hands! But don't get too exited. He's not an ace. Because as we all know Harvey's better!

Best MiLB pitcher/ prospect?!

Yes. his so called "Struggles might be, just the opposite!

Let's look at the other options for " bets pitching prospect"

1) Archie Bradley- AAA, ERA 5.18, FIP 3.70, K/9 8.51, BB/9 4.44, HR/9 0.00

2)Taijan Walker- AAA, ERA 3.23, FIP 5.54, K/9 8.51, BB/9 2.93, HR/9 1.76

Yes, i think that Noah Syndergaard is the best pitching prospect in all of baseball.

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