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The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast

Episode 78: Live at Foley's


We take our Mets second half preview to the streets of Manhattan, featuring Jason Parks and Chris McShane.

Episode 77: deGrom, Rosario, and the 2015 Mets


In this week's episode, a look back at the first half Mets we didn't talk enough about, and a look forward to the Mets we will be talking about in the future.

Episode 76: Niese's shoulder and minor league talk


Jeffrey doesn't spend the whole podcast waxing about Marcos Molina, but that is definitely a chunk of it.

Episode 75: The season might have slipped away


In the Frankie Rodriguez edition of the podcast, Rob and I work methodically, as Rodriguez almost always did, though we assure you that this podcast won't give you anxiety like he did.

Amazin' Avenue Audio Live!


Salutations Mets fans, won't you join us for beer, bourbon, baseball podcasting?

Episode 74: David Wright and trade deadline talk


Have you missed the good old days of two hour podcasts? Well, we sure hope so!

Episode 73: 2014 Mets draft review


Alex Nelson is back to talk the 2014 draft class and whether or not Dash Winningham is the best Mets farmhand name ever.

Episode 72: d'Arnaud is d'Emoted


"What is the punishment?" "I guess it'll be the usual." "The usual?" "Yes, the punishment is Mets fandom." "Is there no way out?" "Don't ask me. I don't know anything about these things."

Episode 71: AA Audio's 2014 MLB draft preview


Jeffrey, Alex, and Steve discuss everything you need to know for this year's draft and everything you wish you forgot about the 2009 draft.

Episode 70: Thor's elbow, Phillies series preview


Jeffrey and Rob do May 27th prospect list updates rather than talk about the major league Mets, but eventually have to talk about the major league Mets. Also, Jeffrey and Liz Roscher drink a lot.


Episode 69: #FreeLagares, #TRAIDMurphy?


The Mets have more than three outfielders, but only three can play every day. What should they do? We discuss.

Episode 68: Montero and Flores up, Collins out?


Wilmer Flores is here, Rafael Montero is on his way, and is Terry Collins on his way out?

Episode 67: The Mets were bad this week, very bad


Jeffrey uses some naughty words, Greg lobbies for a new shortstop, any new shortstop, and Jeff Moore of Baseball Prospectus discusses the St. Lucie Mets.

Episode 66: Savannah Sand Gnats and cold bats


In the Josh Edgin edition, Jeffrey and Greg try to determine if the 2014 Mets are a good baseball team, and Toby Hyde stops by to chat about the Sand Gnats.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 65


Rob and Jeffrey empty out the old inbox and try to make amends for deigning to take a week off with the first of two horribly long podcasts this week.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 64


In the Elmer Dessens edition, we successfully jinx every Mets outfielder other than Eric Young, jr, and Chris proves himself master of Mets trivia.

The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 63


The Mets are winning real baseball games, and we talk about that, Jenrry Mejia, the bullpen, and some Hank Aaron trivia.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 62


In Episode 62, we preview the 2014 minor league season, give you a list of "our guys," and debut a podcast drinking game.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 61


In Episode 61, Jeffrey and Greg premiere some small sample size theater and mourn the state of the Mets bullpen. Yes already, did you watch the game?

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 60


In Episode 60, we have twice as many shortstop jingles, and a mostly useless bullpen preview. Also, Jeffrey has some thoughts about Jenrry Mejia.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 59


Rob eats a green cupcake, Jeffrey gets in touch with his inner Neal Cassady, and Marc Carig of Newsday talks fifth starter drama.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 58


It's a cast of thousands on this week's Amazin' Avenue Audio. We preview the 2014 infield with Mike Vorkunov of the Star-Ledger, discuss the Barves with Talking Chop's Ben Duronio, and break down...

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 57


In which we celebrate the triumphant return of Outfield Avenue Audio, and Jeffrey and Liz Roscher finally crack the mystery of Ruben Amaro, jr.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 56


Rob and Jeffrey discuss the Amazin' Avenue prospect list and answer your (sigh) shortstop e-mails.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 55


Jeffrey finishes that bottle of wine and talks spring training with Chris McShane.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 54


Jeffrey sips some white wine while Jason Parks makes everyone feel tingly about Marcos Molina.

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