Amazin' Avenue Audio

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 64

In the Elmer Dessens edition, we successfully jinx every Mets outfielder other than Eric Young, jr, and Chris proves himself master of Mets trivia.

The Amazin' Avenue Audio Podcast: Episode 63

The Mets are winning real baseball games, and we talk about that, Jenrry Mejia, the bullpen, and some Hank Aaron trivia.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 62

In Episode 62, we preview the 2014 minor league season, give you a list of "our guys," and debut a podcast drinking game.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 61

In Episode 61, Jeffrey and Greg premiere some small sample size theater and mourn the state of the Mets bullpen. Yes already, did you watch the game?

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 60

In Episode 60, we have twice as many shortstop jingles, and a mostly useless bullpen preview. Also, Jeffrey has some thoughts about Jenrry Mejia.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 59

Rob eats a green cupcake, Jeffrey gets in touch with his inner Neal Cassady, and Marc Carig of Newsday talks fifth starter drama.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 58

It's a cast of thousands on this week's Amazin' Avenue Audio. We preview the 2014 infield with Mike Vorkunov of the Star-Ledger, discuss the Barves with Talking Chop's Ben Duronio, and break down our favorite photos of Jenrry Mejia's hair.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 57

In which we celebrate the triumphant return of Outfield Avenue Audio, and Jeffrey and Liz Roscher finally crack the mystery of Ruben Amaro, jr.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 56

Rob and Jeffrey discuss the Amazin' Avenue prospect list and answer your (sigh) shortstop e-mails.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 55

Jeffrey finishes that bottle of wine and talks spring training with Chris McShane.


Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 54

Jeffrey sips some white wine while Jason Parks makes everyone feel tingly about Marcos Molina.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 53

In Episode 53, Jeffrey and Matt say goodbye to Ralph Kiner and reflect on his 50 years in the booth.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 52

In Episode 52, Jeffrey and Rob deal with the inspired, Dadaist lunacy of Terry Collins, and make puns and portmanteaus with Mets prospects.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 51

In Episode 51, Jeffrey is trying to make it to a bar by nine o'clock, but then someone asks him about his favorite David Bowie songs, so there goes that. Meanwhile, Rob mangles the trivia segment again.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 50

We hit the big 5-0 this week, and the Mets helped us celebrate by doing absolutely nothing of note. So instead Jeffrey monologues about Trader Joe's

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 49

In the Jon Niese edition, Rob and Jeffrey somehow fill two hours despite no actual Mets news. The English soccer talk probably helps.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 48

In Episode 48, Rob and Jeffrey discuss stupid, sexy Recker and their favorite games of 2013. Also, Jeffrey regrets asking for more e-mails on twitter.

Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 47

In Episode 47, Rob and Jeffrey round out 2013 with a discussion of the Bartolo Colon deal, the future of Ike Davis, and a whole lot of e-mails about shorstops.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 46

In Episode 46, we kick off our Winter Meetings coverage. Nothing has happened at the Winter Meetings!

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 45

In Episode 45, Jeffrey and Chris say goodbye to Justin Turner and Jeremy Hefner, and perhaps hello to Curtis Granderson?

Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 44

In the Lastings Milledge edition (sorry Coneheads), Jeffrey and Rob spend a lot of time talking about Justin Turner, who was promptly non-tendered as soon as they finished recording. Welp.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 43

In the R.A. Dickey edition, Jeffrey and Rob proclaim their love of Jenrry Mejia, foul up an audition for #hotsportstakes show, and struggle to properly roll their 'r's.

Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 42

In Episode 42, Chris and Jeffrey manage to get blood from a stone. In this case, an hour of Mets talk from a very quiet week in Flushing. Hope you like Mike Pelfrey and Joel Carreno talk!

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 41

In the Tom Seaver edition, Jeffrey stages a dramatic reading of a Cespedes Family BBQ tweet, Rob ruins a segment on TRAIDS, and we answer nine of your e-mails.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 40.5

In the not-quite-the-Tom-Seaver edition, Howard Megdal joins the podcast to talk about the Mets current financial situation. And we've created a drinking game for this episode, the game is you drink throughout the entire podcast! Cheers!

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 40

In Episode 40, Jeffrey's work schedule means we have to record after Old Man Castellano is in bed, so Greg Karam joins the show to #PraiseBeltran and complain about the Mets budget, and Alex Nelson discusses the Mets recent draft strategy.

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