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Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 43


In the R.A. Dickey edition, Jeffrey and Rob proclaim their love of Jenrry Mejia, foul up an audition for #hotsportstakes show, and struggle to properly roll their 'r's.

Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 42


In Episode 42, Chris and Jeffrey manage to get blood from a stone. In this case, an hour of Mets talk from a very quiet week in Flushing. Hope you like Mike Pelfrey and Joel Carreno talk!

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 41


In the Tom Seaver edition, Jeffrey stages a dramatic reading of a Cespedes Family BBQ tweet, Rob ruins a segment on TRAIDS, and we answer nine of your e-mails.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 40.5


In the not-quite-the-Tom-Seaver edition, Howard Megdal joins the podcast to talk about the Mets current financial situation. And we've created a drinking game for this episode, the game is you...

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 40


In Episode 40, Jeffrey's work schedule means we have to record after Old Man Castellano is in bed, so Greg Karam joins the show to #PraiseBeltran and complain about the Mets budget, and Alex Nelson...

Amazin' Avenue Audio, Episode 39


Rob and Jeffrey unveil their AAOPs on Episode 39 of Amazin' Avenue Audio. Plus, we talk 40-man churn and the Mets recent draft strategy.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 38


In the Rick Aguilera edition, Rob and Jeffrey grade the performance of the 2013 Mets pitching staff and try not to talk about the bullpen. Plus, Jeffrey has some things to say about Josh Satin.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 37


In the Casey Stengel edition, Rob and Jeffrey start a multipart wrap-up of the 2013 Mets season and answer your emails on short-season stars, replacement-player managers, and the Mets convoluted...

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 36


In Episode 36, Rob and Jeffrey help Mets fans pick a team to root for in October, consider the pros and cons of Daniel Murphy and Juan Lagares at shortstop, and answer all of your pressing e-mails.

Amazin' Avenue Audio: Episode 35


In the Rick Reed edition, Jeffrey and Matt discuss the Mets September swoon, Matt's new book, and try to determine the best prospect in Mets history.

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