Keith Law on the Reyes Signing


The article is for Insiders, but there's some good points about the Mets' side of things: "There is no rational argument that the Mets should have invested for that length of time in a player as risky as Reyes is -- they should be thinking long-term, and Reyes' risk increases exponentially as time goes on. Shortstop is a tough hole for them to fill in the short term, but given their other issues, they are better off with Reyes in South Florida." I know a lot of people wanted to see Reyes back, but I'm with Klaw on this one. The team just isn't in a position to make that kind of deal, considering both the state of the team and the state of the finances.

Zack Wheeler's Twitter


Anyone who wants hope, should follow this guy on twitter. Really nice down to earth kid who could be our ace in a few years.

Matt Capps re-signs with Minnesota


The mets seemed interested in Matt Capps becoming their closer, looks like he prefers the Twin cities... Can't say i blame him

R.A. Dickey's consoling words on Reyes leaving the Mets


Here are his tweets: with all the texts, tweets, and phone calls I'm getting, i feel compelled to weigh in on the reyes issue. first, in the words of yoda (or at least i think yoda would have said this), One man a team does not make. secondly, the question is: what do we do with the money that reyes was going to get from us? sandy is wise, and i for one trust his methods. thirdly, to win at anything as a team, there must be a sense of ownership shared by all it's members. from the 10 year vet to the rookie. this move will cause us all to have a heightened sense of responsibility. in short, the weight left by jose's leaving is far lighter when distributed on the backs of the collective body. we wil rise! all that said, i will miss my friend and an incredible baseball player

The Irish Hammer is on the block and is generating interest


Andy Dirks? Who the heck is Andy Dirks

Pomes/MMO: Mets are a moneyball team


So much greatness in this article, I dont know which is the money quote. Thanks Greg Pomes, you really cheered me up when I needed it today. "Instead of having Jose Reyes at short for the next six years we will have 21-year old Ruben Tejada. A player who cannot field, throw, hit and run nearly as good as Jose Reyes . He also brings zero energy to the team and the fanbase the way Jose Reyes can do. Tejada is cheap and that is all that matters when it comes to Moneyball. That is all that matters to Sandy Alderson and his guys in the front office.... You know how Moneyball teams like the Oakland A’s only draw crowds when teams like the Yankees or former star players come to town? Well that is what will happen with Citi Field. There will be crowds to see the Yankees and the return of Jose Reyes and as has been the case for a couple of seasons now, Phillies fans will outnumber Mets fans when those two get together.. Other than that we won’t be seeing crowds at Citi FIeld. It will be a as quiet as tomb, Alderson’s Tomb."

Baseball Hall of Fame Golden Era Veteran Committee Gets It Wrong. Again.


I don't begrudge that Ron Santo was selected. I personally don't like him too much, but the numbers are there, and it's hard to argue against his inclusion in the Hall of Fame when the numbers are there. Once again, Gil Hodges was snubbed.

Sandy to meet with the media tonight at 9


I'm sure he'll try and explain how a small market team out bid the Mets for a elite player without saying that the Wilpons are broke. I'd bet SNY will broadcast it.


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