Doors anyone here stream games? What do you use? How's the quality?


Just joined!

Hello all...I just joined this blog. I am a highly passionate and long suffering Mets fan just like all of you! Just felt like saying hello and introducing myself! Fact about myself, 2006 scarred me for life. Cheers!

fantasy baseball league openings

Hi all, a fellow AA commentator has asked me to extend invitations to fellow AA people to join his league. He has 2 openings for 10, he wants 12 teams, if possible. for interest sign in: thanks Fes

Help Wanted: "Best of 2013: Fanpost Edition"

All - I was thinking of putting together a fanpost complete with polls so that the user community can vote on mock 'Best Of' categories. The problem is that this was my first year on AA - and if I were to take on this task alone, I would surely be lambasted as a 'n00b' and a 'Jason Bay': I have no way of knowing what was actually new to AA vs. historical (did you guys always like Pizza? ... Me too! So weird!)

To make this qualify as a fanpost, I will do research and add color commentary to the suggestions.

Here are some poll categories and options I threw together. Please use the comment section to brainstorm this with me (or not. see if I care. I was trying to do this for your benefit. Jerk.)

1. Best Meme:
a. $8 Venti Mocha Triple Latte
c. Semantics.

Best Troll:
a. CrazyRemy
b. HappyHank
c. Phillip Kosoy
e. Murdertron (i kid, i kid)

Best Gif:
a. David Wright Being Awesome (post-game hug)
b. John Buck playing big brother to Harvey
c. Kirk bombing Hefner post game (was this 2012?)
d. Q takes a helmet to the head.
e. Daniel Murphy too fast for cameras

Best Announcing Team:
a. GKR
b. Howie and Josh
c. John and Susan
d. Joe Buck and Friends

Best Use of "This should be a fanshot":
a. CStroh: "Fanshot, should be one. "
b. SuperSantana: Classic line with a trademark symbol.
c. Bobby Baseball" Hey happyhank, I realize this post
may have generated more negative comments your way than you may have hoped for, but look on the bright side..."
d. CStroh: "This might should maybe somewhat be a fanshot"
e. Cannon Geyser: "This should probably be a FanShot, or a comment in a Mets Daily News post or something."

Best Dickey God reference:
a. ScottfromPeekskill "By RA Dickeys beard this is the dumbest looking pair of owners on the planet."
b. Mzvalaren "It was Dickeys will" --- the rest of the comment is golden...err... green.
c. MTC: " Let us unsettle from their slumber various strip club songs applicable to RA Dickey. Let us do this, and the other things, not because they are easy but because they are hard."
d. Sypa: Dickey's Prayer "...O long-suffering knuckleballer, show me your compassion and mercy that we may glorify your divine UCL-less arm"

I would gladly take suggestions for additional poll options, poll questions, etc.

me, duh.

NL Wild Card Gamethread(?)

Any takers? Worth a try . . .


Possible return for Parnell?

I’m sure those clubs could really tempt the Mets on Parnell — the Red Sox with the outfielder, Jackie Bradley Jr., and one of their top pitching prospects like (Rubby) De La Rosa, but that remains to be seen, and if they want to be able to compete next year, as they say they do, there’s no way they can trade him.

A scout via Bill Madden. Here is the link, because for some reason SB Nation won't let me add hyperlink. If the Mets could get Jackie Bradley Jr. and Rubby de la Rosa in exchange for Parnell, I would be ecstatic. I would be extremely happy if the Mets could get even just one of them for Parnell. How ridiculous does it seem that the Mets could get one or both for Parnell?

Comparing Wheeler, Harvey, Strasburg

Per CBS: A closer look at Harvey, Wheeler and Strasburg from our Scouts Corner panel: Matt Harvey, Mets: "He's the real deal, no doubt. We all got excited about Strasburg, but you come to realize that the other guy's just better. Harvey seems possessed. You watch him and you can tell he wants to be the best, not just on his team, not just in the National League but in all of baseball. ... Even Strasburg at his best wasn't like the stuff Harvey showed [Tuesday]. High 90s and even 100 [mph], kept it into the late innings, a slider at 91-92 that's unhittable, and then a changeup at 85 where you just say, 'Good luck.' And it has late finish to it." Zack Wheeler, Mets: "He's a good-looking kid with a good arm, but he looked to me like he should still be in Triple-A. It's not all about lighting up the gun. The boxscore line looks better than how he pitched. ... Even when he gets where he's going to be, he's not as good as Harvey. My guy feeling is that he's always going to have to throw a lot of pitches. And everything's hard. It's fastball-slider, and the curve is a hard curve. And the fastball is fairly straight. He's a nice, good piece of a rotation, but he's not Harvey." Stephen Strasburg, Nationals: "We all rushed to judgment so early on him. We're always looking for the next big thing, but sometimes you have to wait. His stuff has regressed a little, but there's still nothing wrong with it. There's not a club in the game that wouldn't want him, but you could argue that there's 8-10 guys out there who throw better than he does. ... He has too many starts where he doesn't look comfortable, whereas Harvey always looks like he's trying to find a way to beat you, even when he's at the plate. I hope he outgrows it, because he's good for the game."

Not so fast Wheels

"John Harper of the New York Daily News reports that Zack Wheeler is expected to make one more start with Triple-A Las Vegas before being promoted to the Mets. Advice: Wheeler struggled in what could have been his final Triple-A start on Friday and is no longer on track to make his season debut June 14 against the Cubs. The Mets are also cutting it close with the Super Two arbitration deadline and likely don't want to take any chances. Wheeler, 22, has a 4.14 ERA over 12 starts in the Pacific Coast League."

As per my yahoo fantasy player update thingy


lets introduce Ike Davis to Rene Russo! or we can have Cheech Marin be his batboy or something!

K Costner,

Matt Harvey gets profiled

"He represents a break from everything that has been so awful about being a Mets fan for nearly seven years now. In an odd way, he has even finally christened Citi Field." - Will Leitch
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