Mets GIFs

GIF of the Game: Colon applauds Lagares


The veteran pitcher was appreciative of Lagares's outstanding catch.

GIF of the Game: Mejia celebrates strikeout


Demoted to the bullpen on Monday, Jenrry Mejia was in good spirits as he completed his first outing.

Pitching Review: Wheeler strikes out ten


By game score, Wheeler had the second-best start of his big league career against the Marlins on Friday night.

Pitching Review: Mejia's first start

Jenrry Mejia starts tonight against the Braves. He was pretty great against the Reds on Friday.

GIF Of The Game: Murphy's between-the-legs assist


Daniel Murphy threw out Bryce Harper in stylish fashion in this afternoon's spring training game.

Mets GIF: Flores can play a little shortstop


Wilmer Flores lost some weight over the winter and made a nice play at shortstop earlier in the week. Does that improve his stock as a potential shortstop for the Mets? Maybe!

GIF Of The Game: Josh Satin comes up short


Josh Satin was on first. Josh Satin left first. A line drive was caught. Josh Satin dove back to first. Josh Satin was too far away.

GIF Of The Game: Dad chases ball, kid rolls away


Father of the year nominee.

GIF Of The Game: Matt Harvey videobombs Josh Satin



GIF Of The Game: Murphy is too fast for cameraman


Daniel Murphy is 20-for-23 in stolen bases this season and 1-for-1 in outrunning the SNY camera pan.


GIF Of The Game: The long zoom to Kevin Burkhardt


The SNY camera was behind home plate. Kevin Burkhardt was perched on a rooftop across the street. Solution: zoooooooooooooooooooom.

GIF Of The Game: Murphy jumps with Davis


Daniel Murphy and Ike Davis in synchronized leaping, plus a camera-whoring Nationals fan video bombs Kevin Burkhardt.

GIF Of The Game: Turner spikes helmet into Q


Justin Turner was angry. Omar Quintanilla was collateral damage.

GIF Of The Game: Warthen can't open bullpen phone


Opening plastic boxes can be difficult.

Matt Harvey's 25th Start: PITCHf/x, GIFs, context

Harvey struck out six and walked none in San Diego.

GIF Of The Game: Harvey's boo-boo, Lagares's catch


Yonder Alonso can't find first base, Matt Harvey has a boo-boo, and Juan Lagares plays some mean defense

Amazin' Avenue Mets GIF of the week


Over the past three weeks, the Mets have given us several top-notch GIFs. Vote for your favorite!

Harvey's 24th Start: PITCHf/x data, GIFs, context

Matt Harvey's start in Los Angeles a few days ago was one of his poorer outings of the season. He struck out the first two batters he faced but only finished with three strikeouts on the day and...

Zack Wheeler's Strikeouts: Data and GIFs


Zack Wheeler notched 12 strikeouts against the Padres on Thursday night, one of the best marks ever for a Mets rookie.

GIF Of The Game: Matt Harvey hugs Zack Wheeler


Mets win: good. Zack Wheeler shines: great. Zack and Matt hug tenderly: best.

GIF Of The Game: Ike and Wilmer are friends


Ike Davis and Wilmer Flores are friends, but Daniel Murphy maybe less so.

Matt Harvey's 23rd Start: PITCHf/x data and GIFs

Perhaps it's appropriate that Matt Harvey threw his first complete-game shutout in his thirty-third start of his major league career. The 24-year-old threw just 106 pitches in the effort against...

GIF Of The Game: Harvey's knee, Flores's mullet


Matt Harvey takes liner to the knee, Wilmer Flores gets his first hit and shows off his mullet.

GIF Of The Game: Relay throw hits Byrd in the butt


Marlon Byrd hit in the butt, Eric Young scores and jumps, and Jenrry mejia strikes out seven

Matt Harvey's 22nd Start: Data and GIFs

Even in a relatively bad start, it's pretty clear that Matt Harvey is, indeed, better.

GIF Of The Game: Keith eats meatball hero


Keith Hernandez chows down, Scott Atchison leaps, and Eric Young dives.

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