Mets GIFs

Retro GIF: Lo Duca nabs two Dodgers at home plate

On October 4, 2006, the Mets played the Dodgers at Shea Stadium in Game 1 of the NLDS. In the top of the second, catcher Paul Lo Duca was involved in one of the weirdest double plays you'll ever see.

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Celebrate the 1986 Mets Championship

In 1986, the New York Mets made the Big Apple turn all of their attention to Shea Stadium through their sheer talent, fun-loving attitude and swagger. This rare combination catapulted them to a World Series Championship and allowed them to "Make the Dream Work".

Mets GIF Of The Game: Bell curses, Byrd fumes

Heath Bell says a bad word, Marlon Byrd is incredulous at a called third strike, some dude rolls his arms behind home plate, and Daniel Murphy jumps for joy — and a Martin Prado line drive.

Mets GIF Of The Game: Q's grab, Harvey's WOW face

Omar Quintanilla's diving play, Matt Harvey's WOW-ed reaction, and Martin Prado stomps a baseball to death.

Mets GIF Of The Game: Lagares takes a ball to face

Paul Goldschmidt hit a sinking liner to center. Juan Lagares came up short of it. For his trouble, Lagares got a bouncing ball to the face.

Mets GIF Of The Game: Butt pats, table wipes, Ks

Vote for your favorite GIF of the game from Mets vs. Nationals on Sunday, June 30, 2013.

Mets GIF Of The Game: Gordon Beckham tumbles

Plus: White Sox manager Robin Ventura spits in disgust.

Mets GIF Of The Game: Matt Harvey's 100 MPH heat

Matt Harvey threw a pitch to Ben Revere. Ben Revere missed it.

Retro GIF: Carlos Beltran climbs Tal's Hill

Three different GIF-tastic angles of perhaps the greatest catch you've ever seen.

2013 All-Star Game voting made simple

David Wright vs. Pablo Sandoval GIF-off, for the future of humanity.


Mets GIF Of The Game: Jimmy Rollins still hatable

When the contemptible Phillie Shane Victorino signed a free agent contract with the Red Sox last offseason, a lot of Mets fans privately lamented the loss of such a visible and unrelenting object of their disdain. Jimmy Rollins is here to help.

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