Mets History

Happy Lobby Day!!


Has it been five years already?

1999: Goodbye Izzy, hello first place


This week in 1999, the Mets survive hellish heat in Chicago, bid adieu to a member of Generation K, and sweep the Brewers while leapfrogging the Braves for first place in the NL East

1999: Mercury rising


This week in 1999: Kenny Rogers arrives, Sammy Sosa gets the red carpet, and the Mets are blasted into outer space

2014 Mets origins


How did the Mets get here? Draft, trade, or free agency?

1,000 games of Brooklyn Cyclones baseball

The Brooklyn Cyclones played their 1,000th game yesterday, July 8th. What memories do you have of the team since their inception in 2001, and what would you like to see in the future?

1999: Braves add injury to insult


In our latest look back at 1999, the Braves visit Shea and do serious damage on all fronts, until Fonzie comes through with the biggest hit of the year.

1999: At weak's end


This week in 1999: When the Mets go winless at home, Bobby Valentine finds himself on the seat of heat.

1999: Izzy is back, Bobby Bo blusters


This week in 1999: Jason Isringhausen brings his cloud back to bigs while Bobby Bonilla reverts to (bad) form.

Five great Mets moments in Subway Series history


With the 2014 Subway Series set to start up tonight, let's look back at some of the greatest moments in the series' history.

1999: Robin is bat man, Mets hurt Curt


In our latest look back at 1999, Robin Ventura collects two grand salamis and the Mets pull off a dramatic ninth inning comeback.


1999: Pitching plummets while Roger roars


This week in 1999: Every single Mets pitcher is terrible, and Roger Cedeño makes his presence known.

1999: Prove it


In the fourth installment of our look back at 1999, Mike Piazza gets emotional and Bobby Valentine goes to the videotape.

A look back at Ike Davis's career with the Mets


Once a first-round pick, Ike Davis burst onto the scene in 2010 but never developed into the player that many hoped he would become.

1999: Ruffled Rey and the knuckleball express


In the third week of the 1999 season, the Mets dealt with frigid temps, all manner of turbulence, and the undeniable mojo of Sammy The Bear Beanie Baby Day.

What's your favorite memory of Shea?


Shea Stadium opened its doors for the first time 50 years ago today. What's your favorite memory of the Mets' former home?

Local negro league stadium is a natonal landmark


Hinchliffe Stadium in Paterson, New Jersey, is getting its due.

1999: Bobby Jones blasts, Franco gets 400


In part two of our 1999 retrospective, Bobby Jones goes deep on opening day, Shea renovations are undone by faulty plumbing, and John Franco earns save number 400.

1999: Steve spends, Rickey runs, Piazza plummets


Join us on our first weekly look back on the 1999 Mets, wherein Steve Philips spends madly, Rickey Henderson runs wild, and everyone gets hurt.

Top Mets Starts: At 19, Dr. K Operates on Cubs


With his quick rise to stardom, Dwight Gooden electrified Shea Stadium and memorized opposing National League batters. A September performance against the first-place Chicago Cubs put the stamp on...

Cone strikes out 19 Phils in '91 season finale


On the last day of the 1991 season, David Cone struck out 19 Philadelphia Phillies - which tied a Mets and National League single-game record for strikeouts.

Top 10 Mets Pitching Performances, #10: Al Leiter


Leiter's complete game effort in the 1999 Wild Card Playoff vs. Cincinnati is our No. 10 Pitching Performance in Mets history.

Tsuyoshi Shinjo: Where is he now?


After returning to Japan, Shinjo had a more outrageous a career than he did with the Mets.

Remembering Dae-Sung Koo's trip around the bases


The LOOGY who shocked the world and bested Randy Johnson and the Yankees.

The 1988 Mets: A would-be dynasty derailed


A World Championship in 1986 was supposed to be the start of something big in Flushing. So what happened?

The 1973 Mets: A Year to believe

Four years after the miracle of '69, the Mets made another remarkable late-season run to the top of a National League Eastern Division filled with parity.

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