Mets Analysis

Flores should be starting at shortstop every day

Wilmer Flores is a much better middle-infield option than Ruben Tejada and the Mets just have to give him a chance to prove it.

Syndergaard has been great, ignore his ERA

Some will look at Noah Syndergaard's 5.34 ERA and conclude that he's having a rough year. They're wrong, and here's why.

It's again time to #FreeWilmer


The Ruben Tejada Experiment is over, it is time to #FreeWilmer: Part I

Mets Uniform Review is chilling up north


Visiting the All-Star Game, as well as pondering camouflage in San Diego.

Trade Profile: Dillon Gee


If the Mets are to be sellers at the trade deadline this year—and it has appeared that they should be lately—Dillon Gee might be a good player for the team to move.

Uniform Review: Braves, Cubs, All-Stars


Yet another throwback day at Wrigley, and we'll take a peek at the All-Star hats.

Has the Mets' approach changed under Johnson?


The Mets have scored more runs per game since the change, but what, if anything, has changed about their approach?

Mets Uniform Review takes on July 4th


Breaking down the Independence Day hats as well as a nod to Canada Day.

Mets Uniform Review jumps in a time machine


The Mets wore some brand new uniforms, and Pittsburgh flashed back to two different eras.

Dice-K succeeding by limiting hits, home runs


Last season, Daisuke Matsuzaka was 32 years old and on the open market after the Cleveland Indians released him following a mediocre performance with their Triple-A affiliate.


Mets Uniform Review: old school vs. new school


This week, the Cardinals, Marlins, and Rays make interesting impressions.

Mets Uniform Review gets patriotic


The Amazins' opponents are blue da ba dee da ba dai.

Mets Uniform Review: Cubs, Giants, and 80s


Wrigley Field always hosts some sweet designs, and we have an Independence Day preview!

The Mets strike out too much at home


The Mets have been terrible at Citi Field generally and this season in particular. Could strikeouts be their biggest problem?

Mets Uniform Review vs. Phillies and Pirates


The Amazins were looking fine in Philly, plus we journey to the American League for some Negro League throwbacks.


A PITCHf/x scouting report on Rafael Montero

What does Rafael Montero throw, and when and how does the throw it? Can his mix of pitches hold up at the major league level?

Mets Uniform Review, May 19-26


This week was chock full of throwbacks, so there's a lot to review!

The Mets' opposite-field-hitting success


The Mets have curiously improved their hitting to the opposite field every year since 2011. What up with that?

Mets Uniform Review, May 12-18


Orange brims on the road? Another camouflage cap?

What to expect from Jacob deGrom

The Mets throw their second major league debutante on the mound in as many days tonight. Is Jacob deGrom's stuff as good as his hair?

What to expect from Rafael Montero

The first Sandy Alderson amateur signing is on his way to the bigs. Here's what to expect.

Mets should be optimistic about Zack Wheeler


So far, not so great, as Zack Wheeler's ERA is bloated and his walk rate is disappointing. There's good cause for hope, though, if you don't mind digging into the numbers a bit. We don't!

Mets Bullpen Usage: Germen and Torres


The pair of right-handed pitchers have thrown more than their fair share of the Mets' relief innings so far this season.

Pitching Review: Wheeler strikes out ten

By game score, Wheeler had the second-best start of his big league career against the Marlins on Friday night.

Mets ranked by bases per out


Investigating the Mets internal bases per out stat.

What would an average bullpen mean for the Mets?


An improved Mets bullpen could have a big impact

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