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Who's hypnotizing Eric Young, Jr.?

During the offseason, Eric Young, Jr. turned to a Phoenix-area hypnotherapist for help. That's not the #LOLMets part.

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Celebrate the 1986 Mets Championship

In 1986, the New York Mets made the Big Apple turn all of their attention to Shea Stadium through their sheer talent, fun-loving attitude and swagger. This rare combination catapulted them to a World Series Championship and allowed them to "Make the Dream Work".

Could the Mets turn to Bobby Abreu?

With the Mets outfield suddenly banged up, has Bobby Abreu entered the conversation for the Mets' outfield?

Why Juan Lagares needs to stick in center field

Juan Lagares has earned a chance to prove himself as the Mets' center fielder, but will Terry Collins give it to him?

Building a better Mets bullpen

The Mets' bullpen has been among the worst in MLB over the past couple of years. How can the front office make it better?

Deja Vu All Over Again

The Mets' sloppy loss on Opening Day doesn't really matter. But the reason it doesn't matter matters very much.

Should there be baseball in New Jersey?

There are two teams in New York City and another in Philadelphia, but lots of New Jerseyans want a team of their own.

Why the Mets will win the pennant

The ultimate best-case scenario for the 2014 Mets.

Ike Davis will probably be the Mets' first baseman

Ike Davis's track record will get him the initial call to man first base for the New York Mets this year.

Fans want to see Mejia, but should the Mets?

On Twitter and in comments sections, the verdict is near unanimous: fans want to see Jenrry Mejia pitch. But is naming him the fifth starter in the team's best interest? Might they be better served practicing patience with the fragile young phenom?


MLB should reconsider new security screening

Major League Baseball is mandating heightened security screening at all 30 stadiums by 2015. It's a mistake.

Mejia should be in the Mets' Opening Day rotation

The Mets are far more likely to overachieve this season with Jenrry Mejia than Daisuke Matsuzaka.

Bobby Jones's One-hitter vs. Giants in 2000 NLDS

Bobby Jones had his shining moment in Game 4 of the 2000 NLDS against the Giants. The right-hander delighted the Shea crowd with a one-hitter that helped boost the Mets' postseason run.

When the Wilpons met the Dolans

Back in 1999, the Mets were almost bought by Cablevision. Would they be any worse off than they are today?

Reaction Roundup: Ralph Kiner

A collection of remembrances of the legendary Ralph Kiner.

The timeless Ralph Kiner

Ralph Kiner didn't just turn back the clock. He made it seem there was no clock at all.

Is Bartolo Colon the Mets' new R.A. Dickey?

It's been a strange journey for one of the oldest pitchers in baseball.

Kaz Matsui: Where is he now?

Deemed by author Robert Whiting "the Alex Rodriguez of the Japanese game", Kaz Matsui failed to live up to expectations. Still, the middle infielder carved out a short-but-decent career in the United States for himself. What has he been up to?

Should the Mets acquire Emilio Bonifacio?

The Kansas City Royals designated 29-year-old Emilio Bonifacio for assignment yesterday. A few Mets fans have suggested Bonifacio could be a fit for the team.

What if the Mets pass on Stephen Drew?

A look at the potential solutions at shortstop if the Mets don't sign Drew.

2014 Mets Bullpen Preview: The long shots

In the final part of this series, we look at the players not likely to make the Mets' Opening Day bullpen.

A closer look at John Lannan

As a low-cost signing, John Lannan is a good find.

Is Jenrry Mejia a breakout candidate in 2014?

In order to surpass their middling projected win total this coming season, the Mets will likely have to get unexpected production from their young players and a healthy season from Jenrry Mejia could go a long way towards helping.


Eleven years ago a plan to disarm the Mets was hatched from an office deep within the bowels of Turner Field. An evil baseball genius concocted it, but he needed the perfect agent to execute it. He needed Tom Glavine.

Debunking the Mike Piazza steroid myth

Many writers omitted Mike Piazza's name from their Hall Of Fame ballots due to skepticism about his muscular physique. Did he magically become a powerhouse overnight? Today we debunk that pernicious myth.

Lastings Milledge: Where is he now?

The former first-round pick had a tumultuous MLB career, but the young outfielder seems to have resurrected his career in Japan.

The Value Add of Bargain Shopping for Stephen Drew

He is not going to sell tickets, but at a reduced price, Stephen Drew would add a lot of value to the Mets at the shortstop position.

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