Mets Trivia

Mind Boggler: The .400 OBP Mets

Can you name the Mets players who have put together at least one single season with a .400 OBP?

Mind Boggler: The Mets' efficient base stealers


Can you name the Mets' most successful base stealers?

Mind Boggler: Name the 2006 Mets!


How many of the great 2006 Mets can you name?

Mets Mind Boggler: Top pitching game scores


Can you name the top 21 pitching performance in Mets history?

Mets Mind Boggler: Home run streaks


Mets catcher John Buck's home run streak is among the best in team history.

Shaun Marcum-Inspired Mets Mind Boggler


Shaun Marcum is a soft-tossing righty. Yet nine pitchers tossed even more softly than Shaun in 2012. How many can you name?

Mets Mind Boggler: TRAID Edition


The Mets have traded twelve players who racked up at least 15 fWAR with the team. Can you name them all without looking at Fangraphs?

Midday Mets Mind Boggler: Four Or More Multiple-HR Games


Ike Davis became the twenty-seventh player in Mets history with four or more multiple-home-run games. Can you name all twenty-seven?

Monday Mets Mind Boggler: Pitchers With At Least A 15-Game Streak With 6 Innings Pitched


Can you name the Mets' starting pitchers who have a streak of at least 15 games with at least 6 innings pitched?

Thursday Mets Mind Boggler: 5 RBI Without A Home Run


Can you name the twelve Mets players who have driven in five runs in one game without hitting a home run?


Base Path Velocity Mind Boggler: Pitchers Who Have Stolen a Base for the Mets


How many of the thirteen pitchers to steal a base for the Mets can you name?

Waiting For Harvey Mind Boggler: Mets Pitchers With "H" Last Names


Can you name the Mets' pitchers who threw 200 innings and had a last name beginning with H?

Thursday Mets Mind Boggler: 40-Plus Doubles In A Season


Can you name the six Mets who have hit forty or more doubles in a season?

Monday Mets Mind Boggler: Players Who Hit A Home Run For Mets And Rays


See if you can guess the eleven players who have hit a home run for both the Mets and Rays.

Midnight Mets Mind Boggler -- The Mets Hall Of Fame


Can you name the members of the Mets Hall of Fame?

Tuesday Daytime Mets Mind Boggler


The Mets Mind Boggler is typically reserved for the late night time slot on Mondays, but winter is just about officially here so here's an exercise in Mets history to keep you busy while the sun's...

Monday Mets Mind Boggler: 4 Times on Base in a Postseason Game


Can you name the Mets hitters who have reached base four or more times in a postseason game?

Monday Mets Mind-Boggler: Postseason Complete Games


Can you name the pitchers who threw the nine complete games in Mets postseason history?

Monday Mets Mind-Boggler


Chris Capuano threw one of his worst starts of the year in the Mets' game in Florida this evening, but believe it or not, there have been some stellar pitching performances by the Mets against the...

Monday Mets Mind-Boggler


Forgive me for dwelling on the negative here, but what Dillon Gee did in Philadelphia on Monday night was something rather rare in the history of the New York Mets. He walked six batters in...

Nearly Midnight Mets Mind-Boggler


No Mets games for two days makes Jack a dull boy, so it's mind-boggler time while we contemplate our immediate baseball-less futures. This one is hyper-contemporary, but the time limit has been...

Midnight Monday Mets Mind Boggler


Can you name the Mets' cleanup hitters since 2005?

Monday Mets Mind-Boggler


Trivia by definition is concerned with details of very little consequence, and tonight's mind-boggler is especially inconsequential. For one thing, it involves the Yankees, whom the Mets aren't...

Monday Mets Mind-Boggler: At Least Twelve Total Bases In A Game


Tonight's Mets mind-boggler has a focus on power, but since only seven Mets have ever hit three home runs in a game I expanded the focus to include games in which a player collected at least 12...

Monday Mets Mind-Boggler: Most Home Runs As A Switch Hitter


Here's a little late-night Mets mind-boggler action for you. The topic is: Most HR with the Mets by a switch hitter The quiz ranks the top 20 with a 10-minute time limit. Post your score in the...

Monday Mets Mind-Boggler: Mets "Second Game Of The Season" Starting Pitchers Since 1981


We haven't done a Sporcle quiz in a while, but there also haven't been any baseball games in a while. Here's an interesting one for you: Mets "Second Game Of The Season" Starting Pitchers Since...

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