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On Scooter, Law and Melvin

Earlier this afternoon Rob Neyer posted this little dandy over at FoxSports.com which includes a recount of statements by Doug Melvin taking umbrage with a certain unnamed prospect guru who, Melvin...

Talking to a Sabermagician: Colin Wyers


Colin Wyers is well known, and well respected, within the Sabermetric community for his previous and current contributions to the field of Sabermetrics. He took the time to drop some #want and...

How Well Does Terry Collins Manage The Bullpen?


Baseball Prospectus gives us a good starting point for evaluating the Manager's ability to handle the relief corps.

Vegas Over/Unders vs. PECOTA vs. Chaos Theory


The Vegas Over/Unders are out. So are PECOTA's season predictions. Which would you bet on?

BP Tabs Wheeler Ahead of d'Arnaud

In the 2013 installment of their Mets top ten prospects, the BP staff opted for incumbent Zack Wheeler over newcomer Travis d'Arnaud.

Baseball Prospectus: R.A. Dickey, Balks, And The Running Game

When an athlete has worked hard to be as good as Dickey has been at preventing runners from both reaching base and stealing bases, maybe he’s entitled to get away with murder. Or at least a few balks.

Baseball Prospectus: Extra Innings - a worthwhile read


At my library last week, I pIcked up a copy of "Extra Innings" from Baseball Prosepectus. It is well worth reading. The parts I really enjoyed were related to use of bullpens and how to construct a bullpen. In the section on constructing a pen, there was some great information on cost per WAR for by position (starter, reliever, fielders) and variability from one year to the next. It was really enlightening. I'd do a full review, but I'm, uh, booked right now at work. And if you do not have a card for your local library, GET ONE. Remember: you are not a Braves fan, and you can read.

Let's Check In With The Mets' Playoff Odds


Just how well would the Mets have to play down the stretch to have a shot at the playoffs?

What happened to baseball's middle class? Interview w/ Kevin Goldstein Part 3


Kevin Goldstein talks about the disappearance of the 4 year, $30 million contract.

Kevin Goldstein Interview: Nothing more valuable than a cost controlled star player


What's the most valuable commodity for a baseball team? Title gives it away, but you could watch the video anyway.

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