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Mets owners to develop land near Citi Field


"The owners of the New York Mets must not be too broke: they're reportedly on tap as part of an investment group developing 20 acres adjacent to Citi Field."

Mets.com: Citi Field outfield walls


They did it. They finally did it. The Mets will move in the walls at Citi Field in 2012, and here's the pictures of what they intend to do including blue walls and an outdoor patio in front of the Mo's Zone. Yea? Nay? What say you?

Source: Citi Field changes on tap

"Substantial dimension changes to Citi Field will be announced after the World Series, in an effort to make the 3-year-old ballpark more hitter-friendly, a team official confirmed." - Adam Rubin

The NY Times on Citi Field's Dimensions


Gotta love the quote from Pelfrey at the end: "No one cares what we think. We play every five days."

The Citi Field Stormer: A Celebration Of Terrible Planning - Baseball Nation


"Last Wednesday night, a fan stormed the field in Flushing. He was eventually caught, but not before sparking one of the most hilariously incompetent security jobs in recent memory."

No dimension changes planned for Citi

"The toughest ballpark in which to hit home runs in the National League is not expected to have any dimension changes or altered wall heights for 2011, according to a source familiar with the plans of New York Mets officials. The source suggested to ESPNNewYork.com that the only way Citi Field alterations would be considered for 2011 is if a new GM is hired that has strong feelings about the subject. The Mets are weighing options including changing the responsibilities of GM Omar Minaya or firing him outright if a new hire for that type of role wants Minaya out." My guess is that this information was intentionally leaked as both a trial balloon, and as a negotiation tactic. If this is true, then this suggests to me that the Wilpons are willing to negotiate the field dimensions as part of the process of obtaining a new GM.

State Gets Bitchy About City's Willets Point Plans


The junkyards and auto repair shops, around Citi Field, ain't going away anytime soon.

Judge Tosses Out Willets Point Lawsuit

"A federal judge throws out a lawsuit standing in the way of the Willets Point redevelopment project in Queens." via NY1.com Re: Mets' Citi Field and Iron Triangle neighborhood [scrap yards and auto repair shops]. More info on the dismisses Willets Point lawsuit check The Village Voice.

Should the Mets move home plate up ten feet? - NBC Sports


Craig Calcaterra shoots down the ridiculous idea of moving home plate at Citi Field ten feet closer to the outfield wall: The third and most important reason this is dumb is because there's absolutely no reason to believe that it's the park, as opposed to a lousy Mets team, that is the reason for the low number of homers. The Mets offense has hit 47 HR at home and 46 on the road (visitors have hit 81 HR in Citi Field and 77 off the Mets on the road).

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