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Is Justin Turner Clutch?


Justin Turner has performed surprisingly well in clutch situations in 2012 and throughout his career, but is that just a fluke or does he have some natural ability to hit better in tough situations?

The Powerful New York Yankees, and Why They're Doomed


From Grantland: "My fellow Yankee pessimists know how this story ends; the home runs dry up against superior playoff pitchers, the woeful RISP hitting continues, and the Yankees lose in the divisional round for the fifth time in their last seven postseasons. This is a powerful, fun team built to excel in the regular season, and destined to fail when it matters."

Sunday Rockpile: Rockies ostrich issues continue


In breaking down the issues of last night's game, Dave Krieger zeroes in on the major weakness, the fact that the Rockies weren't able to put together any runs after the sixth inning, and were only...

Who Has Been Clutch?


Using WAR and Batting Runs, a look at which Mets have been clutch this season.

White Sox Comeback Bid Just Another Tease


The White Sox offense raise their BA w/ RISP on this homestand to .092 (6-65) and dropped another game behind mediocre Detroit Tigers

Return of the Son of the Revisitation of the Myth of the RBI Guy: Careers Overrated by RBI Totals


Who are the most overrated and underrated RBI Guys of the last 50+ years? A list and discussion of players most overrated by their RBI numbers.

Revisiting the Myth of the RBI Guy (Revisited), Part Two: Situational Hitting and RE24


Part two (of two) in a series looking at how bad a hitter can be and still accumulate RBI. This installation uses and explains FanGraphs' RE24 stat to discuss the impact of "situational hitting."

Revisiting the Myth of the RBI Guy, Part One


Most serious baseball fans know that RBi are overrated as a measure of offensive performance. But surely players with high RBI numbers need some special skill, right? In Part One of this two-part...

Beltran And Wright In The Clutch


A look at Carlos Beltran and David Wright's performance in clutch situations.

mr clutch


stroke of good luck for st louis: they don’t have to face peavy tonight. instead they’ll face a journeyman left-handed pitcher, wil ledezma, with a 5.09 career era. the cardinals always tee off...

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