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Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen ...


GIF Of The Game: Warthen can't open bullpen phone

Opening plastic boxes can be difficult.

Dan Warthen Unafraid Of Knife-Wielding Thug


A snippet at the end of Adam Rubin's report about Angel Pagan's quad issue: Pitching coach Dan Warthen, who routinely walks in the neighborhoods by stadiums pregame to get a workout, said he had a knife flashed at him on Sunday morning in Atlanta. Warthen indicated he kept walking without issue, and that he was not robbed. He described the knife-flashing more as a warning to keep walking and get out of the area. Sounds like Warthen has played knifey-spoony before.


Joel Sherman's Latest Lunacy Involving Jon Niese And Dillon Gee

A quick note on Jon Niese and JoelSherman's latest lunacy.

Dan Warthen, Brian Cashman Exchange Indirect Barbs Regarding Pedro Feliciano's Arm


Pedro Feliciano is on the disabled list to start the season with the Yankees, and GM Brian Cashman blames the Mets for the condition of his left shoulder.

Oliver Perez: Blame Higuera?


Did Oliver Perez's troubles start with the World Baseball Classic? Let's pretend that they did.

Warthen sees Mejia as reliever long term


"I think Mejia works really hard to throw the baseball," the pitching coach said. "And I worry about the volume of pitches during the course of a year. You get 30 to 35 starts, and you're throwing 100 pitches each time, every fifth day, I worry. ... You just watch his arm swing. It's a long arm swing. His ball natural cuts -- again, [like] a Mariano Rivera. If Mariano had to go out there and throw 100 pitches every fifth day, when a ball cuts all the time, instead of staying behind it, I think you find a lot of torque on your elbow and your shoulder. But, again, that's a singular opinion. He's a very strong individual."

Mets Announce 2011 Coaching Staff


Mets announce 2011 coaching staff. Here they are in both written and Photoshop format.


Eulogy For John Maine

Bumped from FanPosts ------------------------------------------------------- Friends, Met fans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury John Maine, not to praise him.The evil that men do...

Mets Announce Terry Collins Hiring, Chip Hale And Dan Warthen To Return


Mets officially announce Terry Collins as their next manager, while pitching coach Dan Warthen and third base coach Chip Hale are expected back next year.

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