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The Real Fred Wilpon Can't Shut Up


People want the Wilpons to stop defending themselves. I want to fly. Neither of these things will happen.

Sandy Alderson: "Stolen Bases Are A Footnote"


Sandy Alderson doesn't think stolen bases are very important -- will this affect the Mets' baserunning strategy?

Lennon: David Wright To The DL


Who would have thought that David Wright going to the DL in mid-August would be good news?

Casey Fossum DFA'd, Ken Takahashi Called Up


Takahashi is a 40 year old lefty reliever. He's posted a 0.77 ERA in 11.2 innings with AAA Buffalo, striking out 9 and walking 6. On Oliver Perez, David Lennon at Newsday adds: "Team officials immediately gathered after the game to talk about their next roster move and that could involve skipping Perez's next turn before demoting him to the bullpen."

Newsday: The Return of Pedro?


David Lennon checks in with a Pedro Martinez Q&A: ------------------------------------------------------------- Q: Is the door closed with the Mets? PM: I don’t know really. The season hasn’t’ started. I’m not really worried about what they do. I’m just getting ready. For sure I’ll be ready. If I’m healthy, anybody would have a bargain – if I’m healthy. If I’m not, well, I’ll go home fishing. My boat is waiting for me. Q: Did you talk with the Marlins this winter? PM: I don’t do that. I pay people to do that. I haven’t sat with anybody but Omar. I sat down with Omar and I actually suggested Omar to go after his priorities, which were Derek Lowe, who they lost that same week, and Oliver Perez -- which I know is a real way to just say I’m a friend, go after the things you have to do, and what I understand as an honest man, that Omar should have done, and he did that. If I happen to stay out, it’s not his fault.

Marlon Anderson - ITBSOHL (in the best shape of his life)


From David Lennon of Newsday: "It was a lean-and-mean Marlon Anderson who showed up at Tradition Field this morning. Anderson is down to 202 pounds - he lost 17 during the offseason - and owes it mostly to an "isogenic cleanse" he did at the start of October. It lasted for 25 days and during that period Anderson limited himself to two shakes and one lunch not more than 600 calories." Granted, the phrase ITBSOHL (pronounced "it-be-soul") is not actually used but close enough.

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