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FanGraphs: Kingsport Mets Prospect Review


Mike Newman deviated from his Sally League stomping grounds and caught a K-Mets game earlier this month. He got some good video and came away with thoughts on Gavin Cecchini, Branden Kaupe and Akeel Morris.

Crowdsourcing Radio Broadcasters: New York Mets


FanGraphs recently released its television broadcaster rankings, which were based on input from fans. Radio broadcaster rankings are next, and today the Mets team is up for judgment. FanGraphs requests that the 2011 tandem of Howie Rose and Wayne Hagin be considered. Hagin has since been replaced by Josh Lewin.

Crowdsourcing Broadcasters: New York Mets


Head over to FanGraphs to rate GKR's charisma, analysis and overall performance. I'm looking forward to the Crowdsourcing Sideline Reporters project.

New York City Meetup Sunday


Eno Sarris of Amazin' Avenue and FanGraphs fame has organized a meetup in New York City this Sunday at Amity Hall on West 3rd St. Several AA'ers are expected to be in attendance, including Eric Simon, Chris McShane, Jeff Paternostro and myself. The festivities start around 1:00 PM but come any time after that. There is no covercharge.

FanGraphs Audio, Featuring Me


Listen to me ramble my way through a discussion with FanGraphs MC Carson Cistulli. Topics include the new Mets front office, the Moneyball Book Club and a self-indulgent recap of my baseball fandom. Thank you to Carson for having a podcast n00b like myself on the show, it was fun.

From Yahoo to Fangraphs at the Touch of a Button


If you play fantasy baseball on Yahoo!, with this download, a player's FanGraphs page is now just a click away. This is pretty awesome.

FanGraphs Partnership


Links to FanGraphs articles are now featured on the sidebar, and FanGraphs player pages will include links to content from SB Nation. FanGraphs is on the verge of world domination so it's nice to be allies.

A bright spot in a tough summer


Tony B may be gone, but looks like he might of had this one right. After lots of folks had given up on Isaac, Tony was apparently staying the course. Nice quick piece from FanGraphs.

Is Citi Field Robbing Beltran’s Range? - FanGraphs Baseball


"UZR attempts to adjust based on the parks played in, a new park offers little in the way of data for adjustments, so for now we’re still using the park factors from Shea. Obviously upgraded seats and paint isn’t causing Beltran to make more errors, but could it be affecting Beltran’s range?"

Pitch Type Linear Weights now available at FanGraphs


For those that don't know what PTLW are: they essentially tell you the quality of a particular pitcher's pitch in terms of runs, i.e. Zack Greinke's slider has been +5.9 runs better than the average slider and his fastball has been +14.5(!). For comparison, Livan Hernandez's fastball has been 8.3 runs worse than the average fastball. For more on PTLW, check out this THT article. I can't believe this site is still free to use. Amazing.

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