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Dodgers Sale: Are They Worth $2 Billion of Magic Johnson's Money? [VIDEO]


Matt and Dan break down the sale of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Magic Johnson's group bought the Dodgers for $2.15 billion, do you think the team is worth that much?

Frank McCourt's Letter To Santa


Frank McCourt has been a naughty boy, but that won't stop him from petitioning Santa for help in his moment of need.

A Bridge Loan Too Far


A Bridge Loan Too Far: When it comes to the Mets' current financial woes, Bud Selig might be the most to blame.

Frank McCourt and the Dodgers rumored to be holding up the San Diego Padres TV deal


The Padres get a new TV deal... As soon as the Dodgers get a new TV deal.

Animated summary of Frank McCourt and the sale of the Dodgers


Two things I thought were going to happen in this wonderful animated short: First, I thought that Frank McCourt was going to hit Jamie McCourt in the head with the baseball instead of throwing a...

Who are the new owners of the Dodgers? Running down prospective buyers.


Let's round up who's going to be participating in the upcoming auction for the Dodgers.

Frank McCourt Almost Bought the Angels


A fantastic summary of the entire Dodgers McCourt escapade brings up the chilling, if already reported, fact: In 2003, Frank McCourt almost bought the Angels. McCourt wanted to make a nothing-down offer for the Angels, eventually purchased by billboard magnate Arte Moreno for $180 million. McCourt didn’t have much more cash on his third try, bidding for a Dodgers team (then) considered more than twice as valuable as the Angels... (Fox) executives estimated he wouldn’t have the financial resources to wrest the Dodgers TV rights from Fox and start his own (network). Find me a scarier proposition this Halloween than FrankenJamie owning the Angels...

Frank McCourt Offered $1.2 Billion To Sell Dodgers


Bill Burke and a group of Chinese investors are leading a record bid to purchase the Los Angeles Dodgers from embattled owner Frank McCourt.

Dodgers Bankruptcy: A's Owner Lew Wolff Comes Out In Support Of Bud Selig Against Frank McCourt


We break down Lew Wolff's comments about Frank McCourt and the Dodgers bankruptcy proceedings.

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