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The Rise of Fred Wilpon


This *is* mine, so it might be tacky to post, but I thought people here might appreciate it. A lot of said and written about Fred Wilpon, but I've never really heard his whole story told before. The article ended up being much more of a ramble than I intended, but as I kept getting deeper and deeper down that rabbit hole it was hard for me to figure out where to wrap it up. Either way, I hope it makes for an interesting read and that you all enjoy.

Studio 60 on Roosevelt Avenue


This a little out of the scope of what I usually post at Amazin Avenue, but still Mets related, so I thought some AA readers might dig this: the current Mets situation as seen through the very Sorkin-y lens of Aaron Sorkin.

Take Our Mets, Please!


Ian O'Connor of ESPN New York discusses the merits of Bud Selig taking over the Mets (like what happened to the Dodgers). I found it interesting, wanted to hear what you all think.

Adding SNY to Mets’ Sale Pitch Would Increase Allure


Here are some numbers from this New York Times article: * SNY is believed to make at least $260 million/year from subscriber revenue (ad revenue is not mentioned) * SNY nets about $120 million (Sterling Equity would get 67% of this) * SNY pays the Mets between $60-70 million/year If this is accurate, and I'm reading this correctly, then the New York Mets and Mets' ownership receive $140-150 million/year from SNY.

New York Mets Book Value: -$225 million

"Now all this debt could very well come crashing down on Wilpon as a result of his involvement with Bernie Madoff. As I wrote earlier, the Mets and their lease to Citi Field are worth about $845 million. But there is $375 million of debt attached to the Mets franchise and $695 million tied to the ballpark, leaving these assets with an aggregate negative book value of $225 million." 2/3/2011 11:27am Note: the author factored in debt service when appraising the value of the Mets, and then subtracted the entire debt from the appraised value to calculate the -$225 million figure.

Steve Phillips on Mets, Bernie Madoff Scandal -- MLB FanHouse


Steve Phillips talks about his years-long relationship with the Wilpons and opines about their involvement with Bernie Madoff. Also, note the bookshelf behind Phillips in this video. Among other things, he has a copy of The New Bill James New Historical Baseball Abstract.

Wilpon: Minaya will be back as Mets GM


Our nightmare continues. It's a short article but it's full of fail. Ffffuccckkkk. Side note: I'm not really the leader type, but I'm seriously thinking about starting a rally/protest at Citi in October when we inevitably find out that this clown is back for another lost year. This is out of freakin' control.



It feels like the Mets are 0-162 and not a single pitch has been thrown.

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