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Didier Drogba's 100 League Goals, Visualized


A (semi-)interactive visualization of Drogba's 100 league goals for Chelsea, from The Bootiful Game. Having done so in 220 appearances, Drogba is the 9th fastest to the mark in Premiership history (just behind another Chelsea hero, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink who did it in exactly 200 - vivid memories of that match - which of course was sandwiched between our CL quarter final matchup with the Arse Invincibles, the one that was eventually decided by Wayne Bridge, of all people...only for Ranieri to throw it all away in Monaco...but I digress). Most telling stat: of the 79 league matches in which Drogba found the back of the net, Chelsea have only lost 3 (63-13-3). THREE! Didier Drogba, tra-la-la-la-la!

This is -- New York Mets -- Jeopardy!


Like the Mets? Like Jeopardy? Then this infographic is for you!


Infographic #1 - 2011 Rays Rotation

A quick glance at the Rays chronological rotation, varied in size by innings pitched. Data compiled from Baseball-Reference, inspiration from Craig Robinson at FlipFlopFlyball.com                ...

"It's like Christmas except it's warmer."


PLAY BALL - A little something to give baseball fans everywhere a warm fuzzy feeling on a cold February day.

Fun With Ballparks: The Stadium Shape Up


Major League Baseball's stadiums are like snowflakes: no two are alike. Whether it's a hitters' park, a pitchers' park, or somewhere in between, every field takes its own unique shape. Can you spot...

How Will Busch Affect Berkman?


When a player moves from team to team, and thus from one home stadium to another, some funky things can happen. Sometimes he performs better than he ever has, and other times his numbers tank. What...

How The West Was Won: Animating a Divisional Race


An animated look at the game-by-game progression of the 2010 NL West race.

The Tangled Web We Weave: An Interactive Trade Map

Ever wondered what an interactive map of every MLB trade in the past five years would look like? Probably not. But just in case...here it is.

GIDP: The Underrated Production Killer


More on Grounding Into Double Plays (Starring J Torre, G Scott, M Lowell, E Karros, & B Robinson)

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