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Brief Thoughts on Five "Scoops" Guys

  1. Jayson Stark: cheesy (somewhat enjoyably so), master of the "anonymous scout/official from rival club" quote, superfluous "y" in first name makes me suspect he is a long-lost Nix brother.
  2. Ken Rosenthal: good at getting scoops, poor analytical skills counterbalanced by tremendous resemblance to Rocky the Flying Squirrel.
  3. Buster Olney: Heard this: despite occasional outbursts of fogey-ness, Olney is easily the best analyst in this genre, worth reading for more than just rumors and inside information.
  4. Jon Paul Morosi: Rosenthal-in-training, you can tell by the haircut.
  5. Jon Heyman: LOL.

Stark on Reds


Votto's sovereignty: if the traditional Triple Crown doesn't work out for him, Votto is still on pace to win the "Modern Triple Crown" -- championed by my friend Joe Posnanski over at SI.com... But even if the Reds' big bopper doesn't win either trifecta, the "Double Crown" Votto is chasing would still land him in some cool company. Also the Crown Victoria, Crown Regal and Crown Heights (sentence mine). Ready your Harangues: The Reds were trying to drum up interest in Aaron Harang, even though he's been on the disabled list for a month with back spasms. Harang figures to be a potential August attraction if he resembles any semblance of his former self.

Hyperbole Alert


Jayson Stark is a Phillies fan.

How Unhittable Has Justin Verlander Been?


ESPN.com's Jayson Stark found some interesting statistical evidence that shows just how dominant Justin Verlander has been this season.

Help me, Giants Fans! With Grumblings on Rios (sigh), Thome, and none on Strasburg


Help me help you, Giants fans! Who are your starting outfielders, really? Is Alex Rios' problem motivation, or just a down year? And how valuable with Thome be in free agency, relative to one of...

Disabled-List Shenanigans?


"We can't talk about specific cases," MLB's vice president for public relations, Pat Courtney, told Rumblings. "But what we can say is that each DL placement must be supported by sufficient medical evidence, and it has to come from a highly qualified physician." In other words, the commissioner's office is reviewing every case. And doctors are signing every form. And the players in question, their agents and the union have to be on board with every trip to DL purgatory. * * * * Stark then goes on to dissect three specific cases: Chien-Ming Wang's hips, Oliver Perez's right knee, and Dontrelle Willis' anxiety disorder. There aren't a lot of definitely conclusions, although it's interesting how involved the commissioner's office is with the whole process. And might there be doctors for hire here? Via Baseball Musings, via Peter Abraham.

Rumbling, Grumblings, and Bumblings: Mauer, Stark, WARP, and Platoon Splits


Friday thoughts not about the first week of baseball, but about Joe Mauer, Jayson Stark, a request to readers for suggestions about a "platoon project."

Stark: Phillies Looking for Righty-Hitting Outfielders


Hmm... I can think of one team that might be able to accommodate them. Though I'm sure Dave Dombrowski's already been on the phone with the World Champs. (via MLB Trade Rumors)

Stark Views of the Fifth Starter Battle


ESPN.com's Jayson Stark talked to two scouts who had grim opinions on Dontrelle Willis and Nate Robertson. They both still have time to work it out, but is there anything left to save for the...

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