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Who do the Eagles favor: Maclin or Cooper?

First, it was reported the Eagles favored Jeremy Maclin over Riley Cooper. Now, a different report states the exact opposite.

Tuff-N-Uff fighter Mike Florio's nasty leg injury

Those attending the November 29th Tuff-N-Uff card in Las Vegas witnessed a horrific leg injury when Mike Florio was taken to the mat. Here is a review of the injury.

PFT gets the Chicago Bears Mt. Rushmore wrong

If you're going to ask your readers to select an iconic foursome to adorn a Chicago Bears Mt. Rushmore, then you should probably just deal with the results.

NFL & NFLPA: 'Gay' questions of draftees not OK

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello says the League is investigating what teams asked the question, and the League will take action

NFL Teams Want to Know if Manti Te'o is Gay

Despite his denial, according to Mike Florio NFL coaches and executives obviously still wonder about the sexual orientation of the Notre Dame linebacker

Sports media gives strong coverage to gay-friendly NFL players story

Eddie George Outsports' story about a dozen NFL players offering support for a gay teammate got an overwhelming response from the sports...

Alex Rodriguez, Ray Lewis, And Imaginary Sports

Why does A-Rod get blasted for alleged PED use and Ray Lewis can shrug it off? Because football is defined by images, but baseball is defined by symbols.

Tim Tebow Training With UFC Star Brendan Schaub And Ralek Gracie

NFL quarterback Tim Tebow has been in California training jiu-jitsu at the Gracie Academy with UFC fighter Brendan Schaub.

Florio's solution to NFL's labor dispute

For example, if the owners commit to diverting 10 cents per dollar to stadium costs and other expenses that the parties agree to share, the players probably would be willing to take 45 of the remaining 90 cents, since they would still be splitting the rest of the money on a 50-50 basis with the owners.

Making sense of the financial divide between the two sides

Deb says: Mar 13, 2011 11:09 PM @Those who keep insisting players offered nothing, pay attention: "[E]arlier this year, the players offered to take 50 cents of every dollar earned, without regard to expense credits or anything else that would be deducted before getting out the carving knife. The proposal represented a lower percentage of total dollars than the players have received in each year since 2002." The owners demanded an additional $1 billion from players. The owners spent two years stockpiling lockout funds to finance them while they shut down the league. The owners hired a lockout specialist to head their "negotiating" team. The owners kept walking away from the negotiating table before making a ninth-hour offer that didn’t address the disputed revenues. The owners have waged a propaganda war to convince naive fans that labor is trying to hit them up for more money when it’s the other way around. The owners shut down the league–as they obviously intended to do from the start. The players are going to court in hopes of resuming business. The percentage of the NFL revenues earmarked for players is comparable to the percentage of budget earmarked for human resources in any labor intensive industry. NFL owners are not suffering and players are paid commensurate with the revenue they generate for the owners.

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