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Sandy Alderson talks to the media ...


Sandy Alderson drops the hammer on Giants fans


Sh*t just got real

Sandy Alderson talks new players, Pagan, and Reyes | MetsBlog.com

"Long-term contracts are what they are. Their history is not great. But some of them turn out very well. It’s really not the right time to get into the issues directly related to Jose. We did what we thought we could do under the circumstances and givcen where we are as a franchise, and the lessons we’ve learned as a franchise, even though he was a home-grown player and a guy we all wanted to keep. We get criticized for not making an offer, but we get criticized if we make an offer and it looks like we’re trying to finish second." The emphasis is mine.

Alderson: No quick Reyes result expected

"Alderson said he has spoken with agent Peter Greenberg since Reyes’ trip to Miami last week. The sides are not expected to meet at the GM Meetings, nor is any team, because Greenberg is out of the country." - Adam Rubin Click to read the rest of the article.

When Batting Champions Get Traded - MLBTradeRumors.com


The latest from Howard Megdal. The last time a batting champion was traded was in 1990, and he was acquired by Alderson.

Studio 60 on Roosevelt Avenue


This a little out of the scope of what I usually post at Amazin Avenue, but still Mets related, so I thought some AA readers might dig this: the current Mets situation as seen through the very Sorkin-y lens of Aaron Sorkin.

Alderson Is in No Hurry to Face Future

"Behind the calm exterior of the calculating analyst who many people assume will make the key trades meant to enhance the team’s future over its present, roars the heart of a fierce competitor. Day to day, game to game, Alderson wants to win, and he wants to win now." - David Waldstein, New York Times

On the Mejia to the Bullpen Meme


Analysis of the media coverage of Mejia's injury by Toby Hyde.

Reliving Rickey Henderson Trades With Alderson

"Current New York Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson described Rickey Henderson as the best player he's ever had in any of his organizations. And yet, Alderson managed to trade Henderson not once, but twice. In between, Alderson re-acquired him and won a World Series with him. Arguably, Alderson managed to come out on top in all three trades." – Howard Megdal
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