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The Road to the Bronx goes through Flushing

What does Jay-Z meeting with the Mets about Robinson Cano tell us? Only that he's learned to get to the Yankees, sometimes you have to go through the Mets.

Cano Jumps from Boras to Jayzee


Hmmm. Jayzee has a partnership w/CAA and they've landed Robinson Cano as their first client. If there are any tea leaves to be read I'd guess it'd be that staying in NYC is a clear if not preferred option. Whether that includes Queens is less clear . . .

Fan Vote of Confidence: Boras or Mets


[POLL] Fan Vote of Confidence: Boras or Mets

Boras calls Mets an economic "juggernaut"

"Asked Wednesday if the Mets had any chance to sign Matt Holliday, likely this winter's priciest free agent, agent Scott Boras called the Mets an economic "juggernaut" thanks to their television revenues, attendance figures and big-market status." via Noble Thoughts - MLBlogs

My Anonymous Sources...


My anonymous sources...

Oliver Perez In So Many Words


A look at Oliver Perez through the years, via the words of various writers.

Dave Cameron on Ollie "Overrated" Perez


"Over the last four years, Oliver Perez has been worth a total of 2.5 wins in nearly 600 innings. And he wants $12 million a year for 5 years. Maybe he's the left-handed Gil Meche, and he's going to turn the corner immediately after signing a big contract, but there's about a 5% chance of that being true and about a 95% chance that he's the most overrated pitcher in baseball."

Carlos Beltran Is Awesome At Baseball, Can't Count


Carlos Beltran thinks he has played in New York for five seasons. It's really been four, though it may seem like five (or more).

Mets Make Offer To Oliver Perez


"During tonight’s Hot Stove show on the MLB Network, SI.com’s Jon Heyman said the Mets offered free-agent LHP Oliver Perez a three-year deal, ‘worth close to $30 million.’" Eric's take: Interesting. I had read last week that Minaya favored Perez even though almost everyone else fancied Derek Lowe, but I didn't realize he liked him so much that he'd throw an offer out there. I think Perez will be about as quick to accept this deal as Lowe was to accept the 3/$36 million deal the Mets offered him (which was rebuffed and whose very existence has been denied by Scott Boras). Clearly, Minaya is not content to lose both Lowe and Perez, so he now (reportedly) has offers on the table for each. Who knows where Boras will take this.

Derek Lowe Watch, Day 74


It's Day 74 of the offseason and Derek Lowe still hasn't signed anywhere.

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