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Why do other players call Jason Demers "Daddy"?


A question that demands an answer.

This Date In Mets History: February 12


At 9 PM EST on Feb 12, 1992, NBC broadcast the first hour-long episode of "Seinfeld," with special guest Keith Hernandez as himself... more or less.

Late Night Dawg Bites: Rewarding Kyle Chandler, Missing Justin Houston, and Welcoming West Virginia?


Kyle Chandler won an award. Justin Houston's absence has affected the Georgia Bulldogs' defense. The West Virginia Mountaineers may be SEC-bound. Dawg Sports brings you up to date on all the news...

Carlos Zambrano Breaks Bat Over Knee; Drives Mike Quade To Awesome 'Seinfeld' Festivus Reference


Mike Quade continues his reign as the coolest manager in the game with a "Seinfeld" Festivus reference.

SEC Power Poll (Week Six): Alabama Crimson Tide Tumbles from Top Spot, Georgia Bulldogs Rebound from Rock Bottom


A wild weekend of college football action in the SEC left the country's toughest conference with a new No. 1 team and a new No. 12 team. Dawg Sports sorts out the carnage in the SEC Power Poll.

Tuesday Night Dawg Bites: A.J. Green, the Fulmer Cup, and "Team Russ" All Among Georgia Bulldogs Headlines


Dawg Sports brings you the latest Georgia Bulldogs news, including updates on A.J. Green's status, the 2010 Fulmer Cup tally, and the push to have Russ made the team's permanent mascot as Uga VIII.

Festivus: Boston Bruins Style


Festivus for the rest of us hockey fans.

"Seinfeld" Athlete Appearances/References (Baseball Edition)


This of course has nothing to do with anything Mizzou, but if you are a Seinfeld fan at all, this is a great list of all baseball player references and appearances. [Promoted for Front Page Friday!]

Semi-Serious Sharks Analysis


I suppose it's time for my "serious" analysis of the Sharks' chances in this series, right? But creating new over/under joke bets is so much easier than giving things serious thought!Part of me is...

David Puddy congratulates Martin Brodeur on win #552


Devils super fan David Puddy congratulates Marty Brodeur on his historic achievement.

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