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Valdespin, Puello accept Biogenesis suspensions

Ken Rosenthal reports that Jordany Valdespin and Cesar Puello have both accepted 50-game suspension in connection with MLB's Biogenesis investigation.

Explaining Steroids: Interview with a PED expert


Everyone has an opinion on the steroid scandal. But do we know what we're talking about?

Why isn't anyone actually talking about PEDs?

Everyone knows what to say about Braun's suspension. No one's having a real discussion.

INSERT NAME HERE has damaged the game of baseball


Baseball may never recover from the latest PED scandal, whatever it may be, says A Very Important Sportswriter

Groundhog Day for Hall of Fame Hypocrisy


Mike Piazza might be kept out of the Hall of Fame because some baseball writers suspect he used PEDs--the same writers who had plenty of chances to denounce the Steroid Era when it happened.

A Letter To WFAN: Howie Rose, The Steroid Era, And Context

Mets radio announcer Howie Rose regularly gripes about records tarnished by the Steroid Era. Here is a letter to WFAN explaining why he should stop doing that.

The One-Way Street of Steroid Confessions


We should keep all Steroid Era players out of the Hall of Fame, say reporters who could have exposed "cheating"

"the steroid era is the most discredited period in the history of American professional sports" - says espn writer with zero sense of historical perspective


i'm sure there are many intelligent, well reasoning baseball fans that find steroids a bigger deal than me, but does anyone else actually believe this? "There is not another American sport where so many of the elite have been disgraced. Nothing comes close to this. Not Pete Rose, not the Black Sox, not baseball's drug trials of the 1980s, not the college basketball scandals of the 1950s." Throwing a world series is one thing, but giving round about answers in front of a grand jury that eventually do get answered directly is a sign of the MLB apocolypse. um, what? more on the verdict from Criag Calcaterra

On Andy Pettitte's Hall Pass


Andy Pettitte's HOF merits are being debated soberly. Which is fine, except you can't say the same for any other PED user.

Calls For Sandy Alderson To Apologize For Steroids Era Are Laughable


Sandy Alderson need not apologize for the steroids era.

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