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"the steroid era is the most discredited period in the history of American professional sports" - says espn writer with zero sense of historical perspective


i'm sure there are many intelligent, well reasoning baseball fans that find steroids a bigger deal than me, but does anyone else actually believe this? "There is not another American sport where so many of the elite have been disgraced. Nothing comes close to this. Not Pete Rose, not the Black Sox, not baseball's drug trials of the 1980s, not the college basketball scandals of the 1950s." Throwing a world series is one thing, but giving round about answers in front of a grand jury that eventually do get answered directly is a sign of the MLB apocolypse. um, what? more on the verdict from Criag Calcaterra

Posnanski On Willie Mays And Cheating In Baseball


I suspect many at AA read Joe Posnanski on a regular basis and may have already seen this. Regardless, this piece is terrific, even by Poz standards.

This is Why Joe Pos is a National Treasure


Like most readers here, I have steroid fatigue. But, for me this is less about steroids and more about someone--anyone--with the stones to discuss an issue like a grownup when other folks are content to yell and scream while sticking their fingers in their ears. The money quote: And how much of what we saw was steroid induced? Was it 90%? Was it 40% How much? We don’t know. And while some people seem endlessly interested in standing on soap boxes and shouting down at the cheaters who have been caught or have come forward for whatever reason, it seems like we don’t want to know. Yes, the era may be defined by steroids, but it’s like people don’t want to hear that steroids were not the only reason that people hit a bunch more home runs. There are a lot of reasons people hit home runs.

Tango's Take On PEDs And Manny


Tom Tango and Gary Cohen are correct - fans just don't care about the PED "issue". A worthwhile read, especially for the 2nd to last paragraph.

Yes and No - Faith and Fear in Flushing


Greg Prince on why he doesn't care even if Mike Piazza did take performance enhancing substances. I'm behind this 100%.

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