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City Council OKs $3 billion Willets Point project

The neighborhood around Citi Field will be getting a tremendous upgrade, as the "chop shops" will be torn up and replaced with commercial and residential space.

Mets owners to develop land near Citi Field


"The owners of the New York Mets must not be too broke: they're reportedly on tap as part of an investment group developing 20 acres adjacent to Citi Field."

Willets Point Phase I Hearing - Regional Plan Association


Brief description about this project along with a picture, and a statement from the RPA.

Willets Point Businesses Being Relocated


The city is one step closer (but still quite a ways from) reaching its redevelopment goals for Willets Point.

State Gets Bitchy About City's Willets Point Plans


The junkyards and auto repair shops, around Citi Field, ain't going away anytime soon.

Judge Tosses Out Willets Point Lawsuit

"A federal judge throws out a lawsuit standing in the way of the Willets Point redevelopment project in Queens." via NY1.com Re: Mets' Citi Field and Iron Triangle neighborhood [scrap yards and auto repair shops]. More info on the dismisses Willets Point lawsuit check The Village Voice.

City Council OKs Willets Point Redevelopment (Iron Triangle Tracker)


The City Council has approved the plan to redevelop that incomprehensible wasteland Willets Point by a vote of 42-2. The plan will take upwards of ten years to complete, and the city has been actively trying to buy up the remaining privately-owned parcels of land. Many landowners have graciously accepted the city's offers of relocation, though a number have resisted to this point. The council's approval gives the city far more leverage in their negotiations, knowing they can always pull the eminent domain card, hopefully only as a last resort. This is a big win for the city and the Mets, as well as for fans who will eventually have a place to hang out before and after games instead of driving the unpaved roads that could otherwise pass as those of an undeveloped country if we weren't so sure that the area is actually part of Queens.

Tuesday Applesauce


In Arizona: Daniel Murphy returned to action (at second base!) and went 0-for-4 with two walks and two runs scored. He was also picked off of first and made a throwing error. In Dominican...

Wednesday Applesauce


Arizona Fall League Mesa Solar Sox 10, Peoria Saguaros 1 Josh Thole went 1-for-4 with a strikeout and made an error on a missed catch. Eddie Kunz was decent, allowing a hit and two walks while...

Anti-Willets Point Development Protest Tonight


Per Chris McShane at Develop Willets Point, city councilman Hiram Monserrate -- the opposition's lone henchman, as it were -- will be holding a protest in the Shea Stadium parking lot tonight....

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