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The offseason officially began yesterday, and the Mets wasted no time in not picking up Danny Graves' absurd $5 million option. The Mets will instead pay an equally absurd $500,000 just to get rid of him. In celebration of Graves' exile, I present this picture of him with a mullet.

Ten Mets players filed for free agency yesterday, including Mike Piazza. The others were Braden Looper, Steve Trachsel, Miguel Cairo, Roberto Hernandez, Felix Heredia, Doug Mientkiewicz, Jose Offerman, Gerald Williams and Mike DeFelice.

I would bring back Braden Looper at a reduced salary (~$2 million). He was basically pitching with an injured shoulder for the entire 2005 season and I think he would be fine to pitch the 7th or 8th as a bridge to Billy Ryan or B.J. Wagner. I would also bring back Hernandez for $1-2 million, and I would be surprised if the Mets didn't exercise their $5 million option on Steve Trachsel. I hope to jebus that I never see any of the others in a Mets uniform again.