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The big big day has finally arrived and the Mets must feel like the belle of the ball. Teams can formally start making offers to free agents from other teams and everyone will be interested in the team from Queens for one reason or another. More specifically:

Reason #1: Genuine interest in the Mets
Reason #2: Genuine interest in getting the biggest contract possible

Reason #2 involves the Mets because the Mets have one of the biggest money vaults this side of the McDuck mansion, and everyone knows that Omar Minaya isn't afraid to dip into it. The Mets' needs are clear:

[x] Closer
[x] Big bat
[x] Catcher
[x] Second baseman

There are rumblings all across this great land of this guy or that potentially donning a Mets uni in 2006, so stay tuned to AA for the latest news and rumors.