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The Mets have arranged for Billy Wagner and his agent to tour New York and meet with Mets brass and possibly some Mets players next Monday and Tuesday. The Mets have yet to make a formal offer to Wagner and aren't expected to do so until at least after Wagner comes to visit.

At this point, 3/$30 may be the starting point for any negotiations, and the word is that the Mets may be willing to go as high as 3/$36 or even add a fourth year if necessary. Personally, I would sooner go to a fourth year than up the annual salary. Like they did for Pedro Martinez, the Mets tacked on an extra year that nobody else was willing to touch in order to get the deal done. I'm thinking along the lines of a backloaded 4/$37, with the first three years at $11 million and that last year at $4 million.