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Mmm... recyclable headlines. Free agent Japanese catcher Kenji Johjima is holding a news conference today from his agent's Chicago-based office today and will likely visit the Mets later this week.

As others have pointed out, Johjima might be a better option at catcher for $5 million-ish per year as opposed to the $8 million-ish that overrated catchers like Bengi Molina and Ramon Hernandez will be looking for. Johjima is no sure thing, but he was an incredible offensive and defensive player for the past seven seasons in a league that rates as somewhere between AAA and MLB.

The Mets will hopefully evaluate Johjima for what he is and not try to compare him to Kaz Matsui, who has struggled since coming stateside. One failure should not be considered an indictment of an entire league of Japanese ballplayers. The Yankees struck gold with Godzilla and the Mariners likewise with Ichiro!.

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