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According to The Post, the Mets are looking at former Brave shortstop Rafael Furcal to fill their hole at second base.

The Mets are interested in free agent Rafael Furcal as a second baseman, though Furcal has only played the position for five games in the last five years. He's also played it in winter ball, according to agent Paul Kinzer.

Kinzer said Furcal will consider teams that want him to play second base, though the Cubs are also interested and, according to Kinzer, they "want a shortstop and a leadoff hitter."

Unlike what they did two years ago when they signed Kazuo Matsui, the Mets will not consider moving Jose Reyes to second to accommodate Furcal.

Whether Furcal would be willing to slide over to second base for the defensively-inferior Jose Reyes is yet to be determined. Expect Furcal to be looking for a contract similar to Jimmy Rollins' recent 5 year/$40 million extension.