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Newsday indicated today that the Mets will add free agent closer Trevor Hoffman to their wish list.

Hoffman, who turned 38 last month, reportedly is seeking a three-year deal worth between $25 million and $27 million. Last week, the Padres offered two years for $10 million, and that may prompt Hoffman to try the open market.

"Trevor's first choice has always been to remain a Padre. But it's looking more and more like it won't happen," Rick Thurman, Hoffman's agent, told The Associated Press. "Put it this way: Their offer made Trevor upset enough to have his locker cleaned out at the stadium."

Hoffman has been a terrific closer for his entire career and has never relied on an overpowering fastball to get the job done. He has one of the best changeups in the game but is four years older than fireballer Billy Wagner. I would be surprised if Hoffman fled San Diego, but he would be welcome at Shea should the Mets fail to land either Wagner or B.J. Ryan.