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FLUSHINGSFUTURE.COM: ALAY SOLER SCOUTING REPORT features scouting report on Cuban defector Alay Soler (tip:

Power Stuff: The big right hander comes at batters from a 3/4 arm slot, generating 91-93 mph heaters that top out at around 95. When he last pitched competitively, he struggled with his control and mechanics when he would try to dial it up on the radar gun.

Still, when the Mets saw it before they signed him in 2004, scouts and front office personnel alike saw a plus pitch that was Major League ready. He also has a decent splitter.

Breaking Stuff: Soler also boasts a plus slider in his arsenal. It's a pitch that has terrific biting movement, tight spin and good depth. In fact, it might be his out pitch, ahead of the plus fastball in his arsenal.

Off-speed Stuff: The changeup is an average offering for Soler, though his mix of control and ability to use it at the right times helps off-set his mostly hard repertoire.

Outlook: It's hard to get a read on Soler; he signed with the Mets over 16 months ago, and the team's brass are only now getting their first extended look at them. Reports from the DR say he's maintained the stuff that made him a star in the Cuban League, and that he has the head on his shoulders to pitch in New York.