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Great article by Bob Klapish in The Record today about how the Mets can send as many DVDs as they want to Billy Wagner, at the end of the day it's the almighty dollar that'll get this deal done.

Like a high school senior being recruited by a major college program, Billy Wagner got the full-metal-jacket tour of greater New York on Monday - surveying the Westchester and Connecticut suburbs with Tom Glavine and Jeff Wilpon in the afternoon, before being whisked off to a four-course meal in Manhattan with all the firepower the Mets could muster.

By nightfall, Wagner was being courted by five organizational elders, including general manager Omar Minaya, assistant Tony Bernazard and manager Willie Randolph. It was a cosmetically perfect event for the Mets, but otherwise useless in their courtship of Wagner. The closer is in town for one reason only - to find out how much cash, not dinner, the Mets can put on the table.

Wagner wants to be comfortable and live in a nice neighborhood with is family, but he can do that anywhere. It may come down to the Mets offering a fourth year in order to get Wagner in a Mets uni. It's not yet clear if they're willing to go that far, though if he ultimately passes on the Mets you can be sure they'll take most of that money and throw it at B.J. Ryan, whom many feel is the better choice in the first place.