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Carlos Delgado was introduced to the New York media at a press conference today at Shea Stadium. He comes off as very intellgent, very affable. Among the highlights:

[x] Per team policy, Delgado will stand during "God Bless America". He insists that he will not put himself before the team and will always do what's best for the ballclub.
[x] He has spoken numerous times with Carlos Beltran, a close friend of his.
[x] He will switch from #25 to #21. Kaz Matsui currently wears #25, so Delgado will return to #21 which he wore early on in Toronto as an homage to Roberto Clemente.

Overall I was very impressed by Delgado and am looking forward to him being a big part of the Mets' team and community. I think his presence will even help Carlos Beltran to relax a bit, as their friendship and shared heritage should only be a benefit to each other.