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This just in from the "Big Surprise" department: The Post is reporting that Hernandez is interested in the Mets.

When asked what Hernandez is looking for, Goldschmidt said, "A club during the course of his contract that he thinks is going to be a contending-type ballclub. He's going to look at the makeup of the club currently and what the plans are going forward."

Hernandez caught in Oakland from 1999-2003, and Met pitching coach Rick Peterson was there for all of his tenure.

Said Goldschmidt, "In my conversations with Ramon, he has nothing but high praise of Rick Peterson."

Well this just bowls me over. I find it hard to believe that a free agent catcher would show interest in a New York club, what with their shallow pockets and propensity for underspending. The Mets would be smart to show passive interest in Hernandez. He's a fine all-around catcher, but I suspect he'll be looking for $10+ million a year for five years, a price tag the Mets shouldn't even consider. If it drops to the 3 year/$21 million range, that would be more palatable.