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According to the Post, the Mets will be shifting Gary Cohen from the WFAN radio booth to the SportsNet NY television booth to be the play-by-play man for all Mets games on the network this season.

After Dave O'Brien chose ESPN over SNY two weeks ago, SNY and Met executives honed in on Cohen to be their man in the TV booth. Cohen is expected to work nearly all of the Mets' games on TV.

The Mets' owner, Fred Wilpon, has been outspoken in wanting his TV voice to call all the team's games. This hurt the chances of Ted Robinson because he works grand slam tennis for NBC and USA.

Cohen is likely making the move in large part because television is more lucrative financially than radio. As a radio play-by-player, besides being on top of the action, Cohen was known to be critical when it was called for. Under greater scrutiny on TV, it will say a lot about SNY and Mets' ownership if Cohen is not pressured to tone down his assessments.

I love Gary Cohen and I think he is the best choice for the new network. I am not a fan of Fran Healy or Ted Robinson, and thankfully I won't have to hear them call Mets games anymore. Possible color commentators include Keith Hernandez, David Cone and Al Leiter.