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Pedro's toe hasn't healed

According to a report in the Associated Press, the toe injury that ended Pedro Martinez' 2005 season early is still bothering him.

"This worries me a little because generally by this time of the year I'm already throwing."

Not good. Pedro intends to play in the upcoming World Baseball Classic in March, though I suspect his presence there will depend on how his recovery has progressed by that point.

"I want to participate and, if were up to me, I'm 100 percent committed to the classic and to the Dominican Republic, but it will depend on my health."

The Mets -- and everyone rooting for the Mets -- are obviously counting on Pedro to anchor the Mets' rotation in 2006. Even with a nagging injury here or there Pedro can still be dominant, but you really have to hope that the healing process accelerates and that he's 100% by opening day. The WBC will be an interesting event, but I sure has hell don't want to see Pedro pitching in it if there is even the slightest chance that it might affect his availability for the start of the regular season.