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The Mets helped to shore up their bench today by (apparently) signing Jose Valentin and Julio Franco.

Valentin signed a one-year, $912,500 contract with the Mets. It was first reported as a Minor League deal, but it appears that it's actually guaranteed to be with the big club. He just turned 36 and he's never hit over .273 in a full season (.241 career BA), but he has some pop and can draw a walk. He makes a ton of errors in the field, but all of the zone metrics (i.e. UZR) love the guy.


Though not official, the Mets are close to signing Franco to a two-year deal. Franco has been terrific in a part-time role with the Braves the past four-plus seasons, though it's a mystery why the Mets have to go to two years on the guy considering that Atlanta declined to offer him arbitration.