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Welcome to the Party

New blog? Check.
Fancy logo? Check.
Spring Training? Check.
Starting to ramble? Check.

I'm Eric Simon and this is my blog. Some of you may be familiar with my work at SaberMets. If you're not, well, bollocks to that. I write mostly about the Mets, but occasionally about other baseball topics or about things that aren't baseball-related at all.

The beauty of Amazin' Avenue is that even though I'm President and Supreme Dictator for Life, this site actually belongs to the people. I'll be posting all of the main entries in the center column where you're reading this right now, but other than that the site is a completely open forum, a blank slate if you will. You can interact with me and other fans in two different ways.

  1. Almost every main entry will have an open comments section where users can respond to what I've written, as well as what others have written about what I've written, etc. All thoughful commentary is welcome. I accept criticism as well as praise, and am always open to debating one topic or another. Try to keep it clean though, and do your best to respect everybody else's opinions, no matter how horribly wrong or misinformed they might be.
  2. I may be Supreme Dictator for Life, but that doesn't mean that you're voices can't be heard. This site, as well as all of the SportsBlogs sites (SEE: sidebar), feature a very unique way for visitors to interact with me and with each other. They're called diaries, and you can create them by clicking on the "Post New Diary" link on the right sidebar. Anybody can post a diary about anything, just try to keep the topics within the scope of this page. That is, mainly post diaries about the Mets, baseball, life, stuff, things, and rubbish. The latest diaries can be found on the sidebar as well, and the "Diaries" link on the top right will lead you to an archive of all of the site's diaries. I've even posted an example for you, called "Say Cheese!"

Longest. Intro. Ever.

That's it! The site is still brand new, so the sidebar content will be in flux a bit until everything gets settled. This site is your forum, so make me proud.