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Petit Gets the "W"

Yusmeiro Petit got the start today against the Indians and picked up the win. The information available about the game is pretty sparse, though Yahoo! has the homeruns and pitching decisions.

Carlos Beltran hit his third homerun of the Spring off of Cliff Lee.

When I find out what Petit's pitching line looked like I'll post it here.

Update: has updated their box score for the game. The Mets' pitching line looked like this:

Pitcher      IP    H     R     ER    BB    SO    HR
Y Petit      2     2     1     1     0     2     0
M Ginter     3     3     0     0     0     3     0
F Campos     3     5     4     4     1     1     0
D Koo        1     0     0     0     0     2     0

Petit had two strikeouts and no walks in his two innings of work, and Matt Ginter, who probably has the inside track for the fifth starter's spot if Trachsel needs surgery, struck out three in his three innings.

Even Mr. Koo, who has looked unimpressive (to me at least) thus far this Spring, struck out two in one inning.

Francisco Campos, who I've admittedly never heard of, got lit up big time.