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Mets Beat Marlins

The Mets beat the Marlins today, 4-3. Victor Zambrano picked up the win, though he was apparently wild throughout and gave up a salt-in-the-wounds homerun to Carlos Delgado. had a correspondent at the game sending updates and a photo (!), since Spring Training coverage on the web is generally non-existent.

In other, more disappointing news, Vinny from No Joy In Metsville broke the story first that Danny Garcia was released by the Mets. He was a favorite of statheads but clearly not of the Mets brass, who continued to give playing time to retreads like Joe McEwing and Rey Sanchez while Garcia mired on the bench or in AAA. He's not going to be a superstar anywhere, but he'll likely go the way of Marco Scutaro, snatched up by a smarter organization to fill a hole.