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Super Joe's Swan Song

Newsday has a bittersweet ode to Joe McEwing today:

In the lazy late innings of yesterday's game, fans were relatively quiet through a succession of Mets batters. But when Joe McEwing came to the plate with two on and two out in the bottom of the seventh and the Mets down by two runs, the crowd roared, attesting to McEwing's continued popularity among Mets fans.

Alas, Super Joe struck out.

No one will question his character, his dedication, or his general likeability. He's the kind of player you wish could hit a ton because he really is a good guy. Twice at Shea he has thrown a ball to me in the crowd, and even though I'm not a kid anymore, it's still a pretty big thrill. The reality, though, is that he's a lousy hitter, and his days with the Mets are numbered.