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Game Notes - Game 7: Mets vs Astros (04/11/2005)

Some thoughts on this afternoon's game:

  • Tom Glavine gave up three walks, but still only allowed seven baserunnings in six innings (1.17 WHIP) and struck out six batters while allowing only a single run.
  • Manny Aybar sucks. I mean, the guy is just plain awful.
  • Roberto Hernandez is awesome (thus far). He was hitting 95 on the gun, and threw nine-of-ten pitches for strikes today.
  • Victor Diaz walked twice today (twice!) while going 2-for-2 with two runs scored and an RBI. He's hitting .385 with a .467 OBP. All of his hits are singles thus far, but he has certainly impressed.
  • Jose Reyes is an unbelievable talent. His complete lack of plate discipline aside, he is an incredible sight to behold (did you see that barehanded snag?).
  • Matsui picked up two hits to raise his average to .269.
  • Cliff Floyd picked up another big hit off of a lefty. In this case it was Johnny Franco. It was nice to see him give up hits at Shea Stadium that benefited the Mets
  • Speaking of Franco, I am a little disappointed in those Mets fans who booed Johnny. He struggled the past couple of seasons with the Mets, but he is one of the all-time great relievers and people in the game, and frankly he deserves better than that.
  • Marlon Anderson is a pinch hitter extraordinaire.
  • Mike Piazza looks completely lost at the plate. He's had a few good swings here and there, but he's just not getting it done.